Weekend Surprises

Husband is the best. Let's just start with that.
Late this last week, he told me not to make plans for Saturday - a surprise was coming. As most of my long-time readers/friends know, he's not too good at keeping a secret. Usually, I know within hours of him making preparations. That being said, Saturday was very much a surprise.


Article on Well Aware

Today's post comes in the form of homework. Kinda.

I've done a small write-up of an article about how health care delivery is changing, which won't interest everyone, of course. {Yawn.}

{If that's your bag, head over to Well Aware to read the post!}

Tonight's a school night, so there won't be any additional posting in my near future.  Husband has a secret activity planned for me on Saturday, so I'll share that soon.  For now, I'm off to grab a coffee so I won't face plant my desk at 8:30pm.

See you soon!


Lazy Weekend

The Husband and I had yet another lazy weekend, and it was perfect, as always.  We spent Friday night activating my new iPhone 5 {I now have a phone that works!} and chatting about how long and somewhat stress-inducing weeks we had; Then we self-medicated with leftovers and DVRed trash TV. We’re livin’ the life, I tell ya.

Saturday the self-medicating continued with a shopping outing at Ross Park Mall. We hadn’t been there in a few moons, so we hit all of our favorites for bargains and new fall clothes. It was a good thing we got a few sweaters and other warm clothes because this week we’re in for mid-60s and low-70s.

I did pick up a few books to pack into my already-full bookshelf, too. {Libra and Underworld by Don DeLillo, Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather and Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.}  I’m hoping to pick up on my reading once the weather begins to cool more, which reminds me, are we friendson Goodreads?
 That night I made a Lamb and Turnip Stew made with Guinness, and served it with black rice. This is a super-rich dish, and I usually omit most of the oil it calls for; however, sometimes you just need to make something with Icelandic lamb. If you can stop by Whole Foods and buy some this week, I’d do it! This dish is fabulously easy, especially for the huge payoff.
The next day I spent intermittently watching football {I’m in it for the food} and reading for my financial management class.  The results on both were not optimal. We lost our game and I didn’t finish my chapters or study problems.  I cleaned out my closet instead.  Pile it on to the list for this week!

How was your weekend?  Did you try any fall recipes?  Did you see/find new places? What’s on your bookshelf?


PGH Dining: Penn Avenue Fish Company: Downtown

During Pittsburgh Restaurant Week this summer, Husband and I were only able to hit up a few places because of our busy schedules. We stopped by Penn Avenue Fish Company in Downtown on Friday night to have a laid-back dinner. 
Penn Ave Fish Co.'s interior.

{Recipe} Mexican Potato Nachos

As important as it is to explore new things, you have to give a nod to your roots. Husband and I were looking for inspiration for a game day dinner an couldn't decide between tex-mex {our comfort food of choice} and typical game fare {pizza, hotdogs, loaded potato skins, wings}.
Soon, I found a recipe for Mexican Potato Nachos, and our lives were forever changed.
No really, we LOVED this recipe, and were even able to lighten it up!

{Mexican Potato Nachos}
adapted from a recipe by AllRecipes.com


Pin of the Moment: Fall in the City

It's that time of year! The leaves in Pittsburgh are just beginning to change; the smaller trees are alight with red and yellow. So lovely!


Rainy Tuesday

Here we are again, with it pouring buckets in Pittsburgh.  Although it's wet and icky to be out in, I did sleep like a dead rock.
I slopped into work wearing my rain boots from target {years old}, with my trousers tucked haphazardly inside. Classy stuff.
Today is our guests only day to putter around the city, which is unfortunate because of the weather. We were also planning going to the Pirates game this evening, but that's still up in the air.

Yesterday the trio {Husband, house guest and me} had drinks on the rooftop of Six Penn {thanks to Pittsburgh Happy Hour's suggestion}, trekked up to Mt. Washington via the Duquesne Incline, and had drinks and dinner at Meat and Potatoes {review forthcoming!}. She's seen a lot of PGH already, so a little rain hopefully won't end the fun.

How's your Tuesday going?


{Travel} NYC: Part I

I know we've been back for about 2 weeks now, but I'm just now getting around to sharing photos of our anniversary trip to NYC.  Don't hate me.
In true {ADOS} style, this post will be photo-driven!
After landing at JFK {never again! It's almost like it's in another state!}, our pre-arranged car took us to our hotel on Central Park South.
Morning view from our hotel room in Midtown.


It's Friday, Friends!

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s finally the last day of the week, and I’m ready for it. My days have been jam-packed with school social functions, meetings, classes, trainings and even a fabulous happy hour.

Through the downpours we’ve been having here and there, we’ve been staying dry…miraculously. Our landlord still has not come to view the potential leak (that we know of). Fingers crossed.

This weekend we’ll be getting ready for our first house guest in many moons {or, just two moons actually}. My close friend and prior college roommate is coming to visit us in her last leg of a northeastern tour. She’s taking the train bus from Philadelphia, and staying with us during the first part of next week. Inside jokes will abound.

What are your plans for the weekend?  I hear there are a few food events happening: A Taste of Grow: Pittsburgh on Sunday, Ramen brunch at SALT {also Sunday}, and I definitely want to hit up this new wine bar in my ‘hood soon.

I, on the other hand, will be reading for school and tidying up the house. On another note…

I’ve done it. Given in. I’m finally on Instagram {Find me: ADashOfSpectacular}. I’m definitely treating it like my Twitter account, with random photos of food, Pittsburgh, travels and cats. By the way, are we friends on Facebook, too?

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Lone Photo

Hi there.  Yes, it's true that Husband and I are back from our fabulously wonderful trip to NYC this past week, but, no, I am not here to write a ludicrously long post about our travels.  I'm here to tell you that I'm knee-deep in readings/assignments/projects for my graduate courses, and won't be able to update you lovely readers until later this week {I hope}.
I will leave you with a favorite photo from our trip to ponder.  They say pictures are worth at least a thousand words, yes?
Walking in Central Park.



Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Husband!
My Husband for 4 years;
My Love for 7 years;
My Friend for 10 years. 

Here's to another year of happiness and unconditional love.