{About Ashley}

Hi there! 

I occasionally blog about food, my neighborhood and city {Lawrenceville Shadyside and Pittsburgh. respectively}, books I'm currently reading, my attempt at healthy living, traveling and my family of a husband + two cats. Basically, this is a lifestyle blog, or whatever the real bloggers are calling it. 
I've been on-and-off blogging for more than 4 years now, and have made my life an open dialogue. My father is cringing as we speak. It's honestly how I feel best, knowing people can follow me closely or simply pick up on the major events. A more in-depth social medium. For example, folks would learn that I recently moved across the country.
My Husband, two tortoise-shell cats, and I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after living all over north and west Texas.  I am more than excited about exploring my new city, and look forward to sharing it with you. 
Traveling in the Midwest
I'm also making the transition into going back to school to earn my graduate degree. Look forward to delightfully sarcastic and zippy comments regarding late nights, junk food and grade-grubbing.
Someone had a late night.
My favorite ways to spend my time: cooking, traveling, reading, penning and crossing things off a list, having an interesting conversation over coffee, bargain shopping like a mad fool, and discovering new haunts.
Please make yourself at home!