Apartment Found!

We will be living at the intersection of Coit and Forest Lane in Dallas. We are super excited, and we get to start moving in on Sunday! We're going to paint the living room, dining room and bedroom and then start moving in the week of the 3rd-9th. Hopefully we will be completely moved in by the 9th and we can start getting on with our lives! :)

Work is going well and the wedding is a month away! Get Ready!


Apartment Hunt!

While we look for houses, we are going to live in an apt. We don't have the time to spend right now seriously looking at houses, so we will make plans to do that after the wedding - and maybe after the first of the year! Today we are going to Dallas & Richardson to take a look at our top 5 choices for apartments.

Wish us luck!


Time To Blog

Work has been going great. Tomorrow will be the end of my first week, and I feel very accomplished. I have learned a lot, and even got to go to a training session at the Center for Nonproft Management (http://www.cnmdallas.org/). This whole first job thing is very exciting. I went to a New Hires Benefits meeting today, and will be signing up for my own insurance soon. Gah, who knew we'd ever grow up?

Because I've been so concentrating on my work life, my social life is in need of some good times! Michael and I managed to go see Mama Mia! on Sunday before I started work. It was REALLY great. Not only was the movie great, but we got to see it for free! While we were standing in line, a lady came up to us and asked if we were going to see MM. We said yes, and she handed us two prepaid tickets to see the movie, and told us two of their friends couldn't make it. So, we saved almost $20, and got to see an awesome movie!

The reason I get to blog tonight is because I am skipping working out tonight. I am a lame-o, I know. I will pick it up tomorrow, unless I find something fun to do!

Oh, and I think La Vie En Rose will be our slideshow song - in case anyone cared. :)


Hobo No More!

The Executive Director of the nonprofit called me this afternoon and offered me the job! I am so excited, and pleased that I got this position.  After waiting and hoping for so long, I have a job. Let that sink in. {I am even MORE excited about the fact that Michael and I get to begin looking seriously at houses. YAY!}

Tonight is Amanda's birthday rendezvous part One. It's going to be extra special now since I have a job! I would say drinks on me, but I don't have the money YET. {Laughter?}


Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

I finally finished it. The last Harry Potter book. It's the end of an era. I know I am a little behind, okay, a lot behind, but it's still a monument! The publishing of this book was (and is) a turing point for American culture in so many ways. Eyes were opened, people drew moral and religious lines, and children's fantasy novels were taken to a new level.

Now, after all that, let's get on to what I thought about the book. First, I am pleased with the outcome. I wish there were a few other characters with finished or more fleshed out story lines (ie. George, Draco, Cho, Hagrid, etc.) I am happy that JKR decided to "kill off" some of the good guys so there was a balence to the end, and a bittersweet feeling. Otherwise, it would have been to sugary and childish. However, I ended wanting more - but isn't that the aim of all authors? I knew there were rumors there would be an "epilouge book," but those have died down since the release of the final book. I think the final book is going to be final. We'll see how the directors finish off the series on the big screen.

On another note, I need help deciding a good song for my wedding slideshow my cousin is helping me put together. I had chosen "That's Amore" by Dean Martin, and then "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen, but I don't think I want either now. I am thinking I want something that's lovey but not cheesy. Difficult, I know. Any suggestions?


Post Interview #2

This afternoon I had an interview with Nexus, my second, and it went well. I talked with Abbie, the person that contacted me for my first interview, and Natalie, the person who had this position before me (possibly). Basically, this "interview" was them going over the tasks of this position, and further explaining it. It's a donor & board relations coordinator position, along with the Exec D's assistant. It's a big job, and I think I would love doing it. I should hear back from them at the end of next week.

SO, at this point, I would be happy with either of the positions I have been interviewing for. I guess we'll just wait for the offers to pour in!


Post Interview #1

My interview with educational foundation this morning went amazingly well! I arrived 40 minutes early (you never know with traffic - better to be early than late!), and I had time to review names and such. Then I interviewed with the Executive Director of the Education Foundation there, and also with the HR Director. They were both smart and asked a ton of questions. Overall, I am really pleased with the position, and I can't wait to hear back from them!

After lunch, I am going to get my car inspected. Then, honeymoon planning this afternoon. Take some good with the bad, yes?
Happy Monday!


More Interviews!

Good news!

I have a second interview with a nonprofit (in Dallas) to be an administrative assistant. So thankful! I interviewed with the Executive Director on Monday, and I thought it went really well. My second interview is on Tuesday, so we will see how that goes.

Also, I had a phone interview with an education foundation. Hopefully I will get a call for another interview soon!

Here's hoping for more good news for the next post!

::EDIT:: So, I got a call back, and I now have an interview with the foundation on Monday! Score!


Happy Tuesday!

Today my mom and I went to Barb's Tailor Shop in Sherman, which is downtown and north of the Courthouse, and had my dress fitted for alterations. I am having the dress taken in on the side seams and also the lace overlay taken up a half inch. When I tried it on, the dress was still too big, mainly because I ordered it 2 sizes larger than regular, but she said she was going to take it in 3 sizes! That means I've lost a dress size since May! How crazy is that? I knew I had lost some weight because of the scale numbers, but I guess I've been building muscle too. Anywho, I will be picking my finished dress up on August 4th. I hope it will be perfect.

Tomorrow I am going with my dad to the optometrist. I am planning on getting a new set of contacts, and I am hoping to get some new glasses. I've had these glasses for about 6 years or so, and I believe I am due for some more. I think I'm going again with angular frames, and a dark color.

I am almost done with the final Harry Potter book! I can't stand it! It's slightly sad though - as soon as I read those last pages the adventures of HP will be over for me. I rarely read a book twice, mainly because it's not new and exciting for me. That's what has kept me reading the HP series: the action. Oh well, all good things come to an end.


A Job on the Horizon?

Good news: I have 2 job interviews on Monday next week! I am incredibly excited, and I hope this is a good sign that people are finally realizing how priceless I am! ha. I've had 2 other emails that informed me I was being considered for positions I applied for, and that I'd be passed on though the first round of checks and I would be contacted soon. Maybe I will get a few more interviews, and have to choose from job offers! That would be nice. :)

SO, things are going great. Michael and I had an arguement last night (Wednesday), basically voiceing our concerns over the fact that I do not have a job yet - hopefully now we won't have those concerns.

So yay! I hope to have MORE good news soon.