Vacation...From the Parents

SCORE! My parents are going on a vacation tomorrow, and I am very excited. My dad is being all romantic and not telling anyone where they are going to vacation at. If I know my dad like I know my dad, the location they are going will not be any more than 6 hours away, there will be a casino around the vacinity, and a golf course somewhere as well. So, we'll see where the phone call comes from.

Tomorrow my Granny and I are going to work on my veil once again. The lace situation shall be solved as well - The little flowers with the pearl center MUST be demolished. Evil laugh. I'm going to figure something out. Glue may do it.

This looks nothing like the lace on my veil or dress, but it's kind of like it. But with more embellishments and beautiful. The third swatch of lace is the closest, but it's different. Cursed google images! haha.

Also, I believe I am going to begin applying for jobs that I am over qualified for, so I won't have to do crappy jobs just to save up some money. We'll see where this takes me.



Yesterday I spent the whole day with my Granny working on my veil and after 6.5 hours, and we finally found ivory tulle, a headpiece and 4 yards of french ivory lace. Very pretty. If I had a camera handy, I would take a picture. Maybe I'll see about getting that camera in my possession to do that. :)

Today I laid out with Amanda and Michael at Amanda's Parents pool. It was pretty nice. I got a bit of a tan, so that's good.

On Monday, I plan on going and looking for some part-time work. I am thinking I can wait tables for lunch at a high price ticket places. Or, I will try a few book stores. I am also going to check into working at the Herald Democrat or even a pr firm around here. Maybe I can intern or something to get some experience. We'll see.

70 days until the wedding!


{Content removed, as hindsight is 20/20 and time spent dwelling is often time wasted.}



Just got this new Goodreads thing. It's a site for people to talk about books and review them - something I've been doing from time to time on this blog. By no means will I be ceasing to post about my readings here, but I wanted to pass the info along. It's perfect for suggestions on books instead of wasting money on something crappy or standing in the HOT library trying to find a decent read.

Gah. The local public library is a outhouse. I get stared down every time I go in there, and it seems like they never have any of the books I want. I even search on their super slow computers, and get no results. Anywho, check it out, and join if you'd like!


Reading & Another Wedding

Today I attended a family friend's wedding at the Baptist church on Washington St. It was a very small wedding, and I got a great idea for guest send-off gifts! Hopefully I will be able to order them before the wedding.

I just finished reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and it was an interesting book. Of course it was full of clever situations to make the Christian reader learn something new, or look at a fault in some way they haven't before. Overall, it was just okay. Of Lewis' books, I prefer the Chronicles of Narnia series, because of the fact that it's a series...of fantasy novels. It doesn't reek of CHILDREN DO THIS or CHRISTIANS SHOULD DO THIS, which is not pleasant to me.  Hidden allegories all the way!

Next, I am planning to read a book by Paul Auster, an author I've read a few books by. I am hoping it's better than the previous ones. It's called Book of Illusions, so that's intriguing.

Anywho, I am off to go hang out and ruin the fact that I just worked out. Oh well. :)



Yesterday night I had a fight with my parents. I'm not even sure what happened, but I do know that I overreacted and got really mad at a comment my dad said toward michael and i about helping out around the house. I am just tired of doing this. It's really difficult to go from being away and doing things on my own to come here and live with two other people that also happen to be your parents. Hopefully things will get better.

Also, today I decided that if I don't have any interviews by July 1st, then I am going to get some crappy job. Something like working at a book store or Hobby Lobby. Just something to make some money and not be around the house all the time. That way, I can save up for the things Michael and I will need in the near future. Know of anyone hireing?



Merikay, my wedding coordinator, called this morning and let me know my cake decorator, Wanda, wasn't going to be able to make my cake! So, now I am getting a new cake decorator list together so I can fix that. I am thinking Mom's Bakery would be good, because their cakes are nothing less of fabulous tasting. We'll see what arrives.

My dress is in! I am going to pick it up with my dad on Wednesday, and check it for alterations. So, yay for the first fitting! I need to go get my undies before then so I'll have everything ready for it. Hopefully we won't need to do any alterations, and it will be perfect! Hey, it does happen.

Jasie's wedding was awesome! The Clay Desta Atrium was a good choice. I could barely hear her officiant, but everything looked very pretty. I hope she had an awesome day and is now having an outstanding time on their honeymoon cruise!



Tomorrow we are leaving for Jasie's wedding to Brandon! We'll be leaving early in the morning, and arriving in Lubbock around noon. We'll have lunch, take a nap, and then head to Midland around 4PM. The wedding starts at 6:30 at the Clay Desta Atrium. Obviously this picture to the right is NOT their wedding, mainly because I haven't been to it yet. Behind this couple getting married is the atrium. It has tropical fish and plants hanging out everywhere. It should be a very goregous wedding and I can't wait to see one of my best friends get married tomorrow! It's finally here, and the summer of weddings has begun. But then again, it usually is always a Summer of Weddings. :) I am just involved in it this summer.

I am wearing the same dress I got for my bridal shower, so that will be fun. It's a muted gold tapestry fabric with an organza overlay. Very 40's type dress. I love that dress.

On a sad note, Tim Russert died today. Michael and I just turned on the tv to watch some news, and it was a special report on NBC. He evidently died of a heart attack earlier today (at 2:25 our time, actually). This is especially sad to Michael because Tim's show, Meet the Press, (the longest running tv program in history) was one of his favorite shows when he first began to get interested in politics. I'm not going to attribute Michael's decision to major in politics, but it certainly had an impact.

Oh, and also, Perez Hilton has a new Web site. fyi. A link is on the left side of my page. check it out!


Beginning of June

Here we are, the second week in June, and I still don't have a job. I have had some call backs and such, but no offers yet. Hopefully this means there will be the perfect opportunity that pays WAY better than any other job I've been looking at that will appear soon. Or, maybe I will just get an offer. :) I am hoping for a job in McKinney, Allen or Plano so I can be close to Michael's Target he will be an in-store executive for. That way we can do lunch. :)

So, the Robert's house is a check. I just signed the contract today, and we will be having the wedding shower there on August 2nd. I am very excited because I was wanting to do something elegant and classic. Hopefully everyone will love it as much as I do!

I just got my first APO lyris email of the summer, and it made me a tinge sad. Not that i'm sad I won't get to participate in NSO tables, haha, but that I wasn't a part of planning them. :( Oh well, I knew this would happen, I'spose.

I can't wait to send out invitation for the bridal shower! They are SO beautiful! I've started to work on my Wedding Book, and Michael has been a laminating fool! It will last forever! Anywho, everyone will get to see it at the shower, I'm sure.

This Wednesday I will be going with my Dad to reserve all the linens and stemware for the reception. How fun!