I Promise I'm Still Here!

As to be expected, I am overwhelmed with things to do before moving.  After one breakdown to my boss, 15+ cappuccinos, and a lack of Husband time, I am one busy and stressed lady.
Then, throw Thanksgiving into the mix.

But, it's all worth it!

Soon, we'll be in gorgeous PA, acclimating to the weather with homemade soups, coffee and snuggles.

I'll be back in December, when we're settled in.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


The Secret is Out!

Husband and I are moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

On a stroke of good luck, Husband accepted a new position with his same company, at their branch just a hair north of Pittsburgh. Most of his future colleagues urged him to live in the city, and make a small commute. Sounds great to me!

So, a little about Pittsburgh. Where is that place? It's in the southwestern corner of the state of Pennsylvania, opposite from Philadelphia. Pittsburgh is seated at the convergence of three rivers: the Allegheny, the Monogahela and the Ohio. It's known as the "City of Bridges" because of it's many...bridges. It's number one industry is health care, which will be a bonus for me as I look for a new job.

Why am I so chipper about this? It stems from our honeymoon. In September 2008, Husband and I took a tour of the Northeast as our honeymoon. Slightly geeky, I know. We fell in love with the area, and knew if one of us ever got the chance to move, we would, without batting an eyelash, That time has come, and we're not looking back!

We are moving at the end of November, and are planning to go next weekend (November 17th-19th) to find an apartment. I plan to do this systematically, styled like an episode of Property Virgins or For Rent. Of course, with educational shows like those, we're experts. ;) Items on our wishlist:

1 Bedroom + Den or 2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Off street parking for 1 car
In one of the following neighborhoods: Shadyside, Bloomfield, Laurenceville
Cats welcome
Via blog.jimdolanch.com

We spoke with the realtor, and she seems to think we can get everything we want and more because there's a ton available on the market. I'm hoping for most of my wishlist, but am willing to compromise!

Okay, my break is over! Back to work.


Biggest Loser 12: Episode 7

Right away we see foreshadowing of what's to come in the opening segment. The stuff it hitting the fan for Jessica and Ramon during this episode. Their budding relationship will receive so much flack that I'm not sure it was worth it to come forth so early on. Thoughts?

Again, immediately, a Bob teammate begins to have shifty eyes. Joe's freaking out about possibly losing Bob. What is the deal? Doesn't he have confidence in himself?
Hold up, Alison.  You're saying there will be a person from each age group as a member on the new teams? That seems slightly evil.
Side note: After Ramon's comment about depending on Jessica to push him, my heart just sunk a little bit. Jessica shouldn't be the reason Ramon is performing the way he is. His motivation should be coming from himself.
Side note #2: Um, chocolate gravy? Eww.

A small shocking revelation: Sunny's Tex-Mex meal, complete with chips, salsa, enchiladas, rice and beans has 4,162 calories! Ruin my life.

New Teams:
Anna: Ramon, Sunny, Joe
Bob: Vinny, Antone, Becky
Dolvett: Jessica, John, Bonnie

Then, Bonnie cries because she doesn't have to be with Anna anymore. Happy tears. How's that for a slap in the face!? Honestly, I think in the beginning Anna was set up to fail with her "oldest" team. How was she supposed to produce results when her team is not putting forth their best effort? Later, we see Anna trying to convince her team that this isn't the end of the world. Will her sweet talk work?

Enter Slip and Slide! What a fun challenge.
Anna's Blue Team won (for the first time). Without even thinking, they gave up money and a 3 pound advantage for one person to have immunity. Joe wins the Rock, Paper Scissors ordeal, and he gets the immunity.

Weigh In
Tons of weight was lost! Each team had some great successes:
Bonnie lost 7 pounds!
John lost 15 pounds!
Becky lost 11 pounds! Great job!
Antone with a 16! Wow!
Joe wins it for everyone!

Blue team wins by a mile!

Elimination Room
Tough love. Jessica is voted off. 

In her after shots, she looks so happy, motivated, and ready for that marathon. She begins working with two Pittsburgh Steeler players. What an exciting opportunity! In several weeks, I hope that her reunion with Ramon is full of love, and they can pick up where they left off.