Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

It's finally the weekend! I almost can't believe it!

This weekend we are planning on catching up on housekeeping. Also, as I've told some of you, we are working on our 5-year plan. We've been researching areas of the U.S. for a possible move, and we've narrowed it down considerably. We are down to two cities - but we can't reveal them yet! I blame it all on House Hunters!

Our plans for this evening: We are going on a date - at home! We're making homemade pizzas (mine with be a margherita with fresh basil, and Michaels will undoubtedly be a sausage and mozzarella masterpiece), while watching childhood favorite movies like Robin Hood and Sandlot. Sound good?



Is it the weekend yet?
I need a BREAK!

Las Vegas in exactly 1 month tomorrow!


Whistle Stop

Last night I finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg, and I have to say, I am frustrated.

I grew up watching that movie, and I am disappointed to say that many of the details of the movie weren't in the book - which always makes me a little upset. Readers, you know that struggle! Anyway, the main detail that wasn't carried over to the movie was that Ruth and Idgie were in love with each other! That's a BIG detail! I got nothing of the sort from the relationship depicted on screen.

Also, the whole Peavey family was completely left out! They were about 1/3 of the book, and no mention was made of even their last name! Who could leave out a girl named Naughty Bird Peavey?!

A few other things that are frustrating:
  • Buddy wasn't in love with Ruth in the book.
  • Ninny dies in the book, and you're made to think she's Idgie in the movie! Bee Charmer!
  • Idgie and Eva Bates "comfort each other," and Eva "comforts" pretty much everyone else in the town - and you never hear about her in the movie!
  • The barbershop threat scene was a piece of evidence in the book, but wasn't featured in the movie.
  • Idgie and Julian are at a roadside stand selling honey and other natural items in the epilogue, but not in the movie because you're meant to think Ninny is Idgie.

I guess it just goes to show that in the time the movie was released in 1987, it wasn't appropriate to talk about same-sex relationships or to go deep into the notion of feminism. I just never knew! In my mind though, both stories were great, and I will always love that movie.


This Weekend - May 8-10th

This weekend was great! I got to do a lot of fun things and meet/see people!

Michelle, Corban, Michael and I went to see Ted Allen at Taste Addison on Friday night. We weren't able to hear most of his Robert Mondavi presentation because of the gobs of people drinking wine and yacking away, but what I did hear was good. He made a shrimp scampi with a zucchini salad. He then talked about Chopped and Top Chef for the next thirty minutes. Apparently, he left Top Chef because Food Network offered him several shows.
Michelle and I "rushed the stage" to see him after his presentation, and above is my crappy resolution Blackberry photo that she was kind enough to take for me. He was sociable, and had plenty to talk about. He talked a lot about himself, but why wouldn't he - he's Ted Allen!

We travelled to Sherman for Mother's Day, Prom, Dinner and Cellarman's. We went to see my Grandma, Granny, Mom and Martie. We stayed at Michael's parent's home to prep Amanda for Prom. She asked if I would do her hair and makeup, and below is a picture of the back of her hair.

Then, she asked Michael to put on her shoes:
BAD idea. Like he knows how to put a strappy shoe on a girl's foot - and carefully! haha!

Then, later, we went to City Limits with my parents for dinner. Great food. Greasy, but great. My mom and I both got burgers, and Dad and Michael got the chicken fried steak. YUM.

After that, we met up with a bunch of people to have drinks at Cellarman's Pub. I am a HUGE fan of the Spinach Artichoke dip there, so I have to get it every time. I think I need to post a review on TripAdvisor about it, actually!

We spent the night in Sherman (of course...) and my mom made us breakfast before we left. Since then, we've made cheesecake! and will have pictures soon. I have no idea why we decided to make cheesecake, but we did! It's a Tyler's Ultimate recipe, so we'll see if it's an Oates Ultimate!

UPDATE: Had the cheesecake, and it was good. I'm not sure it was the "ultimate" cheesecake, but good nonetheless. Definately worth trying! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/the-ultimate-cheesecake-recipe/index.html (minus the lemon-blueberry topping)



Ugh! It's supposed to rain all weekend! Weren't the showers supposed to be in April? Where are the flowers?!