I will have to post it when my dad sends it, but my mom's side of the family took a picture! It's a really nice picture. That's all. :) Off to work for a little while!


Poll the Audience

I just added a poll on the lefthand side of the screen to see where everyone thinks we should take our next trip to. We're doing research for the future. Those four are our main options/choices, and we are wanting to get things rolling!

I am finally finishing my Christmas cards today, and am planning on mailing them tomorrow. We're writing a newsletter, and it's proving to be a bit of trouble! Apparently the SUPER cute paper I picked out isn't good for printing pictures on. Michael is going to take it to Kinko's and see what they can do. Good. It's out of my hands!

Update on the Apartment: As it turns out, everything has been corrected, and we signed the lease to live at the Ansley another year. I couldn't even believe it was time for us to sign another lease! We signed a 7-month lease the first time around, and it went by really quickly.

Last night we went to Michael's work Christmas Party, and shortly after we arrived I decided to refer to the night as "Prom 2008." It was held at the Ritz-Carlton downtown, so we dressed to the nines. The valet didn't know what was going on, so that should have been a tip-off. The booty-shaking music was so loud on the inside of the ballroom, my drink was vibrating. They served heavy hors'devours which were tasty, and had a wonderfully stocked dessert bar complete with delicate mini tiramisou and a milk chocolate fondue. I got to meet Michael's coworkers, and we took a few pictures. Too bad they didn't turn out very well beacuse of all the strobe lights. Honestly. It was like ghetto came to the Ritz. It's probably because 85% of Credit Solutions is a young booty-shaker and the other 15% is executives and HR people. It was a good time and we got to relive Prom.

Off to make lunch!


Rent (and such) Update

I called the Ansley today, and I am happy to report the manager is getting involved. After speaking with my personal representitive, Ann, we deduced that the quote in the letter MUST be wrong. She corrected the quote, and also said she would contact her manager to see if that quote is sufficient. Score for the Oateses!

Today I was allowed to leave a bit early from work, anticipating the idiots driving on 635 not knowing how to drive in sleet. I was right. It actually wasn't that bad, but people were overadjusting their cautiousness. Some drivers were going at a break-neck pace, and others were driving 35. No lie. I stayed in the middle lane and made it home in 30 minutes.

I can't wait for Michael to get home (he gets off work at 6pm) so I can bombard him with questions. How was the work? Do you like your coworkers? Do you share a cubical with someone interesting? How's your boss? What did you have for lunch? Etc.

This new job is such a blessing - We are actually allowed to be a newlywed couple and spend untold amounts of time together. I will get to make my husband dinner and he will want to eat it because he wouldn't have just woken up. I can go grocery shopping with him. I can watch TV with him for longer than 30 minutes. I get to pack him lunches. We can take after-dinner walks together.

Tomorrow night we're going to another Stars game. They're playing the Phoenix Coyotes, but I don't know how they've been playing this season. The Stars are NOT doing well this season, but hey, it's hockey. :)

Off to make dinner!


Ridiculous Rate

Since our apartment lease is up at the end of January, we just received a letter about renewal. We were set on renewing for another year, and were shocked at what we saw in the letter. Our rent has gone up DRASTICALLY to the point where we want to consider other options. I can't believe they expect us to pay SO much more than we are now...especially as a renewal! In the apartments I've lived in, if you renew you get a better rate. Apparently the Ansley doesn't get that. On Monday they will be getting a call from Ashley Oates letting them know they might lose our business if they continue with this rate! SERIOUSLY!

Good News: Michael starts his job on Monday, so we're both really excited. For those of you that don't know, Michael has decided to begin a career in Human Resources. He had some experience with Target in HR and loved it, and thus is starting a new era in his life. It's exciting!


Auto Continued

Post try number two, which basically means it will be much shorter than the first. I've narrowed my auto search down to three cars:
  • Nissan Maxima
  • Volkswagon Jetta
  • Nissan Altima

Any thoughts or affirmations?



I'm in the market for a new car.
What should I get?



American President

Happy Election Day!

I bet by 1:00am we will have a new President - I hope it's earlier! If you'd like to come over and watch the results, we're having people over after 7:30! Desserts and wine will be provided!



This Friday I had my 90 day review, and thankfully I didn't get the boot! (The last two people in my position did.) So, basically I still have a job. Yay!

Monday my parents are coming over for dinner and to see the kittens. I am making spiced pork loin with a balsamic-brown sugar-shallot sauce, thyme mashed potatoes, and roasted squash. I think I might make a cake or cookies.

Gotta go! Michael is awake!


A Day In the Life

Tomorrow is errand day. I have to take all the items people didn't pick up after the auction. woo hoo! haha. It's going to be fun though. AND I get mileage money for it!

This weekend is FULL!
Friday night - Amanda comes to visit.
Saturday Morning - Wedding Pictures from Odees in Sherman
Saturday Afternoon - Michelle & Corban's Reception in Sherman
Saturday night - Work on Annual Campaign Prep
Sunday - Laundry & Scrapbooking!

Oh, and I have a surprise... ;)


This Past Weekend

As far as Husband's birthday - I gave Michael some bubble bath and a TON of his favorite candies. He loved it. These days he's trying different things to try and relax. How can you get more relaxed than in a bubble bath with your favorite candy?! :)

Michelle and Corban's wedding reception is this weekend, and I am going to represent the Oates'. I need to find a dress as well - ahh, the worries of a lady. I'm also hoping to pick up my wedding pictures this weekend as well. You know what that means - I will be posting pictures asap. But, don't get your hopes up.

I will post the pictures from Michael's birthday celebration (aka us at home with a fabulous cake from Central Market) soon as well.

Happy Monday!


Since October Update

I believe this is going to be a very long post - but then again, I haven't posted in FOREVER. This is mainly because we haven't had internet in the apartment since we moved in August 9th. It's a long story, but I will say that AT&T Direct TV is the best company when it comes to Customer Service. Every Representative we talked to was informative and helpful. Anyway, on to the update:

As I previously said, the honeymoon was a blast! We travelled all over the Northeast, which was our goal. We started out in the Berkshires, which is in western Massachusetts. Look it up - it's beautiful. Then we went to Boston, and stayed at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, where every President since the early 1900's has stayed. Then we travelled north up to Salem, which was very interesting. It's a lot more historical than you'd think - it's more than just witches! haha. We stopped at a random beach and it was everything we hoped it would be. Beaches there are clean and peaceful. The beachgoers are very relaxed and respectful of the people/dogs/families around them. Quite nice. After the beach, we went further north into Maine, which is a beautiful state. We were actually in York Harbor, where we visited the Nubble lighthouse on Cape Neddick. Loved it. Then we continued on to Vermont & New Hampshire where we sampled some of the State's Hallmarks such as: maple syrup, cheese, apples, etc. It was the perfect honeymoon and exactly what I wanted.

Here are a few pictures from the week in the NE:

The rest of the pictures you can see on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/

Recently, we adopted two tortoise shell kittens. We named them Giada and Ina after two of our favorite Food Network stars. Here's a picture of both:

Michael's Birthday is tomorrow! I am really excited and I can't wait to give him his presents. Since we just had a honeymoon, we're going small on these birthdays - but these presents are full of love! I hope he's thrilled!

Oh, and I can't wait for Beyonce's new album - I just listened to her first single from the cd, and it was unsurprisingly good. I love her voice and her style.

Now it's time to go to Plano and have dinner with Michael's parents. Have a happy weekend!



We're finally married!
We're back from the Honeymoon!

I will have to post words & pictures of both the wedding and the trip. Both were amazing.

I have to be at work early to go to the United Way Kickoff tomorrow at Victory Park. Woo!



10 Days Away!

As my title states, the wedding is only 10 days away! How exciting! I can't wait for it to be here! All of this planning seems crazy, but when the day finally comes, then it will feel great! Really though, it hasn't been very stressful since I started work at all.

We already have rsvps for over 100 people, and still growing! I hope we don't go over our limit. But then again, the more the merrier!

Well, I am off to do my errands:
  • Tiffany's at Northpark to pick up an engraved paperweight for the Board President
  • Thomas Reprograhics in Park Cities to get a blueprint of the Children's Center copied
  • FedEx in North Dallas to get one of those tube things to mail it

Then I get to have some lunch! :) Yay, lunch!


Long Time

Here are the shower pictures!

In other news -
I feel like it's been so long since I posted. in here! Work is going great - People {in my life} are starting to accept the "Nonprofit" thing. The wedding is only 27 days away, and my bridal portraits are this Thursday. Things are really moving along!

I am slightly disappointed in my Bachelorette Party happenings. Only a few of the people I invited are going to be able to come, we are having to alter the plans and schedule, etc. I am now having to plan it with one of my bridesmaids, Michelle. It's still going to be one of the BEST nights of my life! Be ready for pictures! :)


Shower the Lovebirds

Today was the shower at the CS Roberts House. It was fabulous. We had plenty of food, cake, punch, coffee, etc. for everyone - which was good because we had 45 people there! Michael and I got a ton of stuff, and we are so blessed! I am very grateful for all the things we've got, and we get to move a lot of it in tomorrow! My mom and dad, michael and I are going to paint the bedroom and living room of our apartment tomorrow, and also move some stuff in. I think it's going to be a good day, and we'll get a lot done. I will post pictures soon, so everyone can see our progress. :)


Apartment Found!

We will be living at the intersection of Coit and Forest Lane in Dallas. We are super excited, and we get to start moving in on Sunday! We're going to paint the living room, dining room and bedroom and then start moving in the week of the 3rd-9th. Hopefully we will be completely moved in by the 9th and we can start getting on with our lives! :)

Work is going well and the wedding is a month away! Get Ready!


Apartment Hunt!

While we look for houses, we are going to live in an apt. We don't have the time to spend right now seriously looking at houses, so we will make plans to do that after the wedding - and maybe after the first of the year! Today we are going to Dallas & Richardson to take a look at our top 5 choices for apartments.

Wish us luck!


Time To Blog

Work has been going great. Tomorrow will be the end of my first week, and I feel very accomplished. I have learned a lot, and even got to go to a training session at the Center for Nonproft Management (http://www.cnmdallas.org/). This whole first job thing is very exciting. I went to a New Hires Benefits meeting today, and will be signing up for my own insurance soon. Gah, who knew we'd ever grow up?

Because I've been so concentrating on my work life, my social life is in need of some good times! Michael and I managed to go see Mama Mia! on Sunday before I started work. It was REALLY great. Not only was the movie great, but we got to see it for free! While we were standing in line, a lady came up to us and asked if we were going to see MM. We said yes, and she handed us two prepaid tickets to see the movie, and told us two of their friends couldn't make it. So, we saved almost $20, and got to see an awesome movie!

The reason I get to blog tonight is because I am skipping working out tonight. I am a lame-o, I know. I will pick it up tomorrow, unless I find something fun to do!

Oh, and I think La Vie En Rose will be our slideshow song - in case anyone cared. :)


Hobo No More!

The Executive Director of the nonprofit called me this afternoon and offered me the job! I am so excited, and pleased that I got this position.  After waiting and hoping for so long, I have a job. Let that sink in. {I am even MORE excited about the fact that Michael and I get to begin looking seriously at houses. YAY!}

Tonight is Amanda's birthday rendezvous part One. It's going to be extra special now since I have a job! I would say drinks on me, but I don't have the money YET. {Laughter?}


Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

I finally finished it. The last Harry Potter book. It's the end of an era. I know I am a little behind, okay, a lot behind, but it's still a monument! The publishing of this book was (and is) a turing point for American culture in so many ways. Eyes were opened, people drew moral and religious lines, and children's fantasy novels were taken to a new level.

Now, after all that, let's get on to what I thought about the book. First, I am pleased with the outcome. I wish there were a few other characters with finished or more fleshed out story lines (ie. George, Draco, Cho, Hagrid, etc.) I am happy that JKR decided to "kill off" some of the good guys so there was a balence to the end, and a bittersweet feeling. Otherwise, it would have been to sugary and childish. However, I ended wanting more - but isn't that the aim of all authors? I knew there were rumors there would be an "epilouge book," but those have died down since the release of the final book. I think the final book is going to be final. We'll see how the directors finish off the series on the big screen.

On another note, I need help deciding a good song for my wedding slideshow my cousin is helping me put together. I had chosen "That's Amore" by Dean Martin, and then "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen, but I don't think I want either now. I am thinking I want something that's lovey but not cheesy. Difficult, I know. Any suggestions?


Post Interview #2

This afternoon I had an interview with Nexus, my second, and it went well. I talked with Abbie, the person that contacted me for my first interview, and Natalie, the person who had this position before me (possibly). Basically, this "interview" was them going over the tasks of this position, and further explaining it. It's a donor & board relations coordinator position, along with the Exec D's assistant. It's a big job, and I think I would love doing it. I should hear back from them at the end of next week.

SO, at this point, I would be happy with either of the positions I have been interviewing for. I guess we'll just wait for the offers to pour in!


Post Interview #1

My interview with educational foundation this morning went amazingly well! I arrived 40 minutes early (you never know with traffic - better to be early than late!), and I had time to review names and such. Then I interviewed with the Executive Director of the Education Foundation there, and also with the HR Director. They were both smart and asked a ton of questions. Overall, I am really pleased with the position, and I can't wait to hear back from them!

After lunch, I am going to get my car inspected. Then, honeymoon planning this afternoon. Take some good with the bad, yes?
Happy Monday!


More Interviews!

Good news!

I have a second interview with a nonprofit (in Dallas) to be an administrative assistant. So thankful! I interviewed with the Executive Director on Monday, and I thought it went really well. My second interview is on Tuesday, so we will see how that goes.

Also, I had a phone interview with an education foundation. Hopefully I will get a call for another interview soon!

Here's hoping for more good news for the next post!

::EDIT:: So, I got a call back, and I now have an interview with the foundation on Monday! Score!


Happy Tuesday!

Today my mom and I went to Barb's Tailor Shop in Sherman, which is downtown and north of the Courthouse, and had my dress fitted for alterations. I am having the dress taken in on the side seams and also the lace overlay taken up a half inch. When I tried it on, the dress was still too big, mainly because I ordered it 2 sizes larger than regular, but she said she was going to take it in 3 sizes! That means I've lost a dress size since May! How crazy is that? I knew I had lost some weight because of the scale numbers, but I guess I've been building muscle too. Anywho, I will be picking my finished dress up on August 4th. I hope it will be perfect.

Tomorrow I am going with my dad to the optometrist. I am planning on getting a new set of contacts, and I am hoping to get some new glasses. I've had these glasses for about 6 years or so, and I believe I am due for some more. I think I'm going again with angular frames, and a dark color.

I am almost done with the final Harry Potter book! I can't stand it! It's slightly sad though - as soon as I read those last pages the adventures of HP will be over for me. I rarely read a book twice, mainly because it's not new and exciting for me. That's what has kept me reading the HP series: the action. Oh well, all good things come to an end.


A Job on the Horizon?

Good news: I have 2 job interviews on Monday next week! I am incredibly excited, and I hope this is a good sign that people are finally realizing how priceless I am! ha. I've had 2 other emails that informed me I was being considered for positions I applied for, and that I'd be passed on though the first round of checks and I would be contacted soon. Maybe I will get a few more interviews, and have to choose from job offers! That would be nice. :)

SO, things are going great. Michael and I had an arguement last night (Wednesday), basically voiceing our concerns over the fact that I do not have a job yet - hopefully now we won't have those concerns.

So yay! I hope to have MORE good news soon.


Vacation...From the Parents

SCORE! My parents are going on a vacation tomorrow, and I am very excited. My dad is being all romantic and not telling anyone where they are going to vacation at. If I know my dad like I know my dad, the location they are going will not be any more than 6 hours away, there will be a casino around the vacinity, and a golf course somewhere as well. So, we'll see where the phone call comes from.

Tomorrow my Granny and I are going to work on my veil once again. The lace situation shall be solved as well - The little flowers with the pearl center MUST be demolished. Evil laugh. I'm going to figure something out. Glue may do it.

This looks nothing like the lace on my veil or dress, but it's kind of like it. But with more embellishments and beautiful. The third swatch of lace is the closest, but it's different. Cursed google images! haha.

Also, I believe I am going to begin applying for jobs that I am over qualified for, so I won't have to do crappy jobs just to save up some money. We'll see where this takes me.



Yesterday I spent the whole day with my Granny working on my veil and after 6.5 hours, and we finally found ivory tulle, a headpiece and 4 yards of french ivory lace. Very pretty. If I had a camera handy, I would take a picture. Maybe I'll see about getting that camera in my possession to do that. :)

Today I laid out with Amanda and Michael at Amanda's Parents pool. It was pretty nice. I got a bit of a tan, so that's good.

On Monday, I plan on going and looking for some part-time work. I am thinking I can wait tables for lunch at a high price ticket places. Or, I will try a few book stores. I am also going to check into working at the Herald Democrat or even a pr firm around here. Maybe I can intern or something to get some experience. We'll see.

70 days until the wedding!


{Content removed, as hindsight is 20/20 and time spent dwelling is often time wasted.}



Just got this new Goodreads thing. It's a site for people to talk about books and review them - something I've been doing from time to time on this blog. By no means will I be ceasing to post about my readings here, but I wanted to pass the info along. It's perfect for suggestions on books instead of wasting money on something crappy or standing in the HOT library trying to find a decent read.

Gah. The local public library is a outhouse. I get stared down every time I go in there, and it seems like they never have any of the books I want. I even search on their super slow computers, and get no results. Anywho, check it out, and join if you'd like!


Reading & Another Wedding

Today I attended a family friend's wedding at the Baptist church on Washington St. It was a very small wedding, and I got a great idea for guest send-off gifts! Hopefully I will be able to order them before the wedding.

I just finished reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and it was an interesting book. Of course it was full of clever situations to make the Christian reader learn something new, or look at a fault in some way they haven't before. Overall, it was just okay. Of Lewis' books, I prefer the Chronicles of Narnia series, because of the fact that it's a series...of fantasy novels. It doesn't reek of CHILDREN DO THIS or CHRISTIANS SHOULD DO THIS, which is not pleasant to me.  Hidden allegories all the way!

Next, I am planning to read a book by Paul Auster, an author I've read a few books by. I am hoping it's better than the previous ones. It's called Book of Illusions, so that's intriguing.

Anywho, I am off to go hang out and ruin the fact that I just worked out. Oh well. :)



Yesterday night I had a fight with my parents. I'm not even sure what happened, but I do know that I overreacted and got really mad at a comment my dad said toward michael and i about helping out around the house. I am just tired of doing this. It's really difficult to go from being away and doing things on my own to come here and live with two other people that also happen to be your parents. Hopefully things will get better.

Also, today I decided that if I don't have any interviews by July 1st, then I am going to get some crappy job. Something like working at a book store or Hobby Lobby. Just something to make some money and not be around the house all the time. That way, I can save up for the things Michael and I will need in the near future. Know of anyone hireing?



Merikay, my wedding coordinator, called this morning and let me know my cake decorator, Wanda, wasn't going to be able to make my cake! So, now I am getting a new cake decorator list together so I can fix that. I am thinking Mom's Bakery would be good, because their cakes are nothing less of fabulous tasting. We'll see what arrives.

My dress is in! I am going to pick it up with my dad on Wednesday, and check it for alterations. So, yay for the first fitting! I need to go get my undies before then so I'll have everything ready for it. Hopefully we won't need to do any alterations, and it will be perfect! Hey, it does happen.

Jasie's wedding was awesome! The Clay Desta Atrium was a good choice. I could barely hear her officiant, but everything looked very pretty. I hope she had an awesome day and is now having an outstanding time on their honeymoon cruise!



Tomorrow we are leaving for Jasie's wedding to Brandon! We'll be leaving early in the morning, and arriving in Lubbock around noon. We'll have lunch, take a nap, and then head to Midland around 4PM. The wedding starts at 6:30 at the Clay Desta Atrium. Obviously this picture to the right is NOT their wedding, mainly because I haven't been to it yet. Behind this couple getting married is the atrium. It has tropical fish and plants hanging out everywhere. It should be a very goregous wedding and I can't wait to see one of my best friends get married tomorrow! It's finally here, and the summer of weddings has begun. But then again, it usually is always a Summer of Weddings. :) I am just involved in it this summer.

I am wearing the same dress I got for my bridal shower, so that will be fun. It's a muted gold tapestry fabric with an organza overlay. Very 40's type dress. I love that dress.

On a sad note, Tim Russert died today. Michael and I just turned on the tv to watch some news, and it was a special report on NBC. He evidently died of a heart attack earlier today (at 2:25 our time, actually). This is especially sad to Michael because Tim's show, Meet the Press, (the longest running tv program in history) was one of his favorite shows when he first began to get interested in politics. I'm not going to attribute Michael's decision to major in politics, but it certainly had an impact.

Oh, and also, Perez Hilton has a new Web site. fyi. A link is on the left side of my page. check it out!


Beginning of June

Here we are, the second week in June, and I still don't have a job. I have had some call backs and such, but no offers yet. Hopefully this means there will be the perfect opportunity that pays WAY better than any other job I've been looking at that will appear soon. Or, maybe I will just get an offer. :) I am hoping for a job in McKinney, Allen or Plano so I can be close to Michael's Target he will be an in-store executive for. That way we can do lunch. :)

So, the Robert's house is a check. I just signed the contract today, and we will be having the wedding shower there on August 2nd. I am very excited because I was wanting to do something elegant and classic. Hopefully everyone will love it as much as I do!

I just got my first APO lyris email of the summer, and it made me a tinge sad. Not that i'm sad I won't get to participate in NSO tables, haha, but that I wasn't a part of planning them. :( Oh well, I knew this would happen, I'spose.

I can't wait to send out invitation for the bridal shower! They are SO beautiful! I've started to work on my Wedding Book, and Michael has been a laminating fool! It will last forever! Anywho, everyone will get to see it at the shower, I'm sure.

This Wednesday I will be going with my Dad to reserve all the linens and stemware for the reception. How fun!


Parents Coming Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night my parents will be here - the third time in the past 4 years. Kinda sad, huh? I am going to spend a lot of tomorrow morning packing my things and getting ready for their arrival. Michelle & Corban, and Halley & Amanda will all be here as well, but not at the same time.

I cannot WAIT until the Sex and the City movie comes out. It's going to be an awesome movie. I believe it comes to theatres in a week or so. I most certinaly have a countdown on my MySpace page, if you care to look at it. Anywho, I read an article today in the New Yorker that interviwed Sarah Jessica Parker, and it was a good reminder that SJP and Carrie Bradshaw aren't the same person. I keep forgetting that just because I see her in a photo or a movie that she's still just SJP and not her iconic character. It must be hard for not only her but the rest of the cast.
Anywho, the article also talked about how the "old New York" is now lost because of the people responding to the Sex and the City tv show, and other movies and tv shows filmed in or about that area. Because of this, I am slightly sad because I am going to New York on my honeymoon. I hope to see something of this old New York and possibly even see some Celebrities! haha. I'm just like the rest of them, huh? I would never want to live in NYC, and I think those thoughts will be solidified once I get back from the honeymoon. (Sources: http://nymag.com/movies/profiles/46660/)

Tonight I am relaxing with my sweetheart, seeing as how this will be the last time I get to do that until we get married in September. Sigh. This is how small-town America works, I s'pose.

One day until Graduation! Here's to the Seniors!


Weddings Everywhere!

My Graduation is in one week! How exciting! I can't wait!

Today I went to Jasie Sharp's bridal shower and it was a lot of fun. I was late and I got lost in Midland, but I made it. It was at her house and hosted by her mother and bridesmaids. It was so adorable. We all sat around and had cake and shared recipies. I think I'm going to steal her recipie card idea in the invitation. I love cooking and I would love to have every family's favorite dish. It's almost a crime! haha.

Anywho, needless to say, I got a bunch of ideas from today's events. I have food ideas, favor ideas and cake ideas. Who knew Sam's had a decent cake? My sister is now working on the Bridal shower for me, so hopefully things will get done. I am excited she's helping because now this gives her something to take pride in helping me with. I think I'm going to ask for it to be moved to Michael's house instead of at the First Baptist Church in Sherman. It will be a more home-y place and it will be easier for out-of-towners to find. Only a week left here and I can get started on the rest of the planning.

This summer there are a TON of weddings! I know two girls personally that are getting married (Jasie in Midland, and Nydia in El Paso). I know of at least 5 other couples that are getting married. My gosh! At least I didn't add to that and we're getting married in the "Fall." If you can call September the fall! :)

126 days until my wedding!


End of Senior Year

It's finally here. The end of my time at college has arrived. I only have one final left, and then I'm free. It's a little scary considering I don't have a job yet, but I am excited as well. This gets me a little closer to being married.

I've pretty much decided to work for non-profit now. I was going to work for a big agency in north Dallas, but I don't think I will be happy. I need to feel like I'm making a difference instead of making a profit. It sounds crazy, but it makes sense to me. I applied to several places in the past couple days, so hopefully I will start hearing back from them soon.

The wedding plans are underway, and I can't wait to get back to Sherman so I can finish things up. It seems like forever away, but my last day as a Buck is in 4 months.

Also, my time in Alpha Phi Omega is over. I spoke for my last time in front of the Beta Sigma Chapter while I was giving my senior speech. I ended to speech with saying I was done forever, and it hadn't hit me until that moment that I was done. It's such a weird feeling to be done with something that was so much of your life for so long. I'm gonna be going cold turkey when I get back to Sherman. We'll see how that goes!
On the left is a picture of a small piece of my APO family, the Smalliards. The blonde is my little, Kyla and the red head is her little, Amy. AKA. We were having our last family dinner, well more like my last, at Gardski's on Broadway. We always had our String Thing dinner at ZooKini's and the regular family dinners at Gardski's. I s'pose I will be going to one as an alumnus, I hope.
Fairly soon I will be in another family: my own. A new one, that is. Michael and I will be our own family. This thought makes me smile, and I can't wait for that part of our lives. 4 months to go!