This is my life right now:
As my Dad would say, I've "got the crud." I'm dosing every 4 hours with daytime meds, and drinking lots of fluids. The show must go on!


{Over The Weekend} Dancing at the Phipps

Well, I'd been feeling slightly icky this weekend, and Monday is here with a vengeance. I was beginning to get a sore throat over the last few days, and this morning it is here and trying to kill me.
But, at least I had a good weekend?

Friday evening, Husband and I made ourselves a Tex-Mex fiesta dinner: Taco shell-less taco salads with lot of crunchy items (celery, cucumber), homemade Spanish rice (wrong culture, I know), and a Dos Equis con lime.
We cleaned the whole house, top to bottom, for the house showings we're having. It's funny - Our property company will show our house right and left to potential new tenants, but won't give us the time of day on our move-out procedures  More on this later.
First, here's a cat in a box:
I swear, I took about 50 cat-in-box photos on Saturday. This is life, y'all.
Later that night, I attended the graduate school club's formal dance at the Phipps Conservatory. It had been more than 10 years since I'd been to a dance {other than weddings, which are different}. Look at my fantastic dates!
The location was lovely, food was sparse, and there was a little bit of dancing. We all had a lovely night, and I even managed a photo of the newly planted tulips in the center garden. 
Sunday was spent reading for school, having a lunch date with a friend, spending time with Husband, and cooking/baking for the week.
Lunch at Whole Foods
Today it's back to work, and hopefully kicking this icky feeling with cold meds and sugar-free cough drops. Cross your fingers I'm not getting sick!


Apartment Hopefuls

Midterms are safely over {grades still pending, eek}, but life is still extraordinarily busy.
Husband and I are actively looking for an apartment, and have applications in on a few properties.  Rentals are in high demand here in Pittsburgh, arguably, there are only so many neighborhoods worth renting in within the city.  I know we're being picky, but we've been burned once {full story to come once we've moved}.  If you put in an application chances are there is already one submitted ahead of you.  The property then has their pick of renters, and they may even bring you in for an interview.
Apartment Hunting

I was also able to meet with both of my mentors within the past month: a C-Suiter with decades of experience, and a second-year graduate student in my same program and concentration. These meetings brought to light several topics for thought (Master's thesis topic, seeking potential preceptors) and improvement opportunities.  I'm excited for March's potential in allowing me the time to explore these areas.

Today, I put some thoughts in writing on my other blog, Well Aware, regarding some health care happenings.  Feel free to read and comment, if you've got the time to listen to my questions.

Homemade black bean and chicken enchiladas with southwest salsa and brown rice.

Finally, I have been eating everything in sight, from Oakland to Shadyside to Lawrenceville, and let me tell you - it's all been good.  The plan's to have some PGH Dining posts up soon.

I hope your March is going well!