I will have to post it when my dad sends it, but my mom's side of the family took a picture! It's a really nice picture. That's all. :) Off to work for a little while!


Poll the Audience

I just added a poll on the lefthand side of the screen to see where everyone thinks we should take our next trip to. We're doing research for the future. Those four are our main options/choices, and we are wanting to get things rolling!

I am finally finishing my Christmas cards today, and am planning on mailing them tomorrow. We're writing a newsletter, and it's proving to be a bit of trouble! Apparently the SUPER cute paper I picked out isn't good for printing pictures on. Michael is going to take it to Kinko's and see what they can do. Good. It's out of my hands!

Update on the Apartment: As it turns out, everything has been corrected, and we signed the lease to live at the Ansley another year. I couldn't even believe it was time for us to sign another lease! We signed a 7-month lease the first time around, and it went by really quickly.

Last night we went to Michael's work Christmas Party, and shortly after we arrived I decided to refer to the night as "Prom 2008." It was held at the Ritz-Carlton downtown, so we dressed to the nines. The valet didn't know what was going on, so that should have been a tip-off. The booty-shaking music was so loud on the inside of the ballroom, my drink was vibrating. They served heavy hors'devours which were tasty, and had a wonderfully stocked dessert bar complete with delicate mini tiramisou and a milk chocolate fondue. I got to meet Michael's coworkers, and we took a few pictures. Too bad they didn't turn out very well beacuse of all the strobe lights. Honestly. It was like ghetto came to the Ritz. It's probably because 85% of Credit Solutions is a young booty-shaker and the other 15% is executives and HR people. It was a good time and we got to relive Prom.

Off to make lunch!


Rent (and such) Update

I called the Ansley today, and I am happy to report the manager is getting involved. After speaking with my personal representitive, Ann, we deduced that the quote in the letter MUST be wrong. She corrected the quote, and also said she would contact her manager to see if that quote is sufficient. Score for the Oateses!

Today I was allowed to leave a bit early from work, anticipating the idiots driving on 635 not knowing how to drive in sleet. I was right. It actually wasn't that bad, but people were overadjusting their cautiousness. Some drivers were going at a break-neck pace, and others were driving 35. No lie. I stayed in the middle lane and made it home in 30 minutes.

I can't wait for Michael to get home (he gets off work at 6pm) so I can bombard him with questions. How was the work? Do you like your coworkers? Do you share a cubical with someone interesting? How's your boss? What did you have for lunch? Etc.

This new job is such a blessing - We are actually allowed to be a newlywed couple and spend untold amounts of time together. I will get to make my husband dinner and he will want to eat it because he wouldn't have just woken up. I can go grocery shopping with him. I can watch TV with him for longer than 30 minutes. I get to pack him lunches. We can take after-dinner walks together.

Tomorrow night we're going to another Stars game. They're playing the Phoenix Coyotes, but I don't know how they've been playing this season. The Stars are NOT doing well this season, but hey, it's hockey. :)

Off to make dinner!


Ridiculous Rate

Since our apartment lease is up at the end of January, we just received a letter about renewal. We were set on renewing for another year, and were shocked at what we saw in the letter. Our rent has gone up DRASTICALLY to the point where we want to consider other options. I can't believe they expect us to pay SO much more than we are now...especially as a renewal! In the apartments I've lived in, if you renew you get a better rate. Apparently the Ansley doesn't get that. On Monday they will be getting a call from Ashley Oates letting them know they might lose our business if they continue with this rate! SERIOUSLY!

Good News: Michael starts his job on Monday, so we're both really excited. For those of you that don't know, Michael has decided to begin a career in Human Resources. He had some experience with Target in HR and loved it, and thus is starting a new era in his life. It's exciting!


Auto Continued

Post try number two, which basically means it will be much shorter than the first. I've narrowed my auto search down to three cars:
  • Nissan Maxima
  • Volkswagon Jetta
  • Nissan Altima

Any thoughts or affirmations?



I'm in the market for a new car.
What should I get?