Summer is Upon Us

I walked into work this morning, late because of Ina being sickly, and found that ALL of my coworkers have begun to tan. Like, go to a salon, tan. So, me and my mystic-tanning self went to my usual salon and bought a tanning package.

Now, I know what you're thinking. TANNING IS BAD FOR YOU! or JUST GO LAY IN THE SUN!

I know it's bad for your skin. But I don't want to glow in the dark anymore. And it's summer. Lame enough for you? There's more. I've tried tanning in the sun, and all that happens is I burn (even with sun screen on). Also, my tan/burn is splotchy, which couldn't be from the application of sunscreen - I apply evenly! Anyway, I've jumped into the world of tanning, so we will see how this goes.

In other news, it's all over the place about how one Miss America contestant is against gay rights. It was on NPR for crying out loud! My thoughts: At least she stood up for what she believed in, yet it was rude of her to do it on National television before so many people who are dealing with that issue (personally) all over the country. And you KNOW the gays were watching that pagent. My policy is you can speak your mind, but delicately. Then everyone go get a cupcake and a wine. (there are places that do that sort of pairing!)

Well, it's 7pm and the husband will be home soon. I will post pictures of my wedding present from my Becca (my boss) and Abby (Dev Director) soon. It's great!

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