October is Here!

This weekend has been a good one, and it's not over! We made steak last night, and paired it with a Merlot and heirloom tomatoes. Simple, but filling and exactly what we wanted. Then, today we've made some plans, went grocery shopping, and relaxed at the apartment. Tomorrow my parents are hosting a birthday celebration for Michael at their house in Sherman. My mom is making chicken fried steak, green beans, yeast rolls, and a Bride's cake. I'm bringing smashed garlic-Parmesan potatoes and cards. We haven't been to Sherman for more than a month now, so that will be nice.

I went on an interview for an internship last Friday, and I was hoping to hear from them by the middle of next week. It turns out that they aren't going to make a decision until the end of November! Ugh. I'm a little put-off, but I'll just carry on with other avenues. We'll see what happens around Thanksgiving.

Presently, there is a Brenden Fraser movie marathon on HBO. I never knew he was in so many action movies. Anyway, we caught most of Journey to the Center of the Earth, and it wasn't bad. I never read the book, so I didn't catch most of the references to the text. Did anyone read it? I think I might throw it on my never-ending to-read list. There's no more room on my bookshelves at home!

On another note, I bought my first computer game...ever. Don't laugh. I haven't ever been into the computer or video game thing, so this will be interesting. I think it's a kids game, but it seems like a good time to me:

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  1. I read Journey to the Center of the Earth ages ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Vernes's vision of what may occupy the center of the earth is fascinating, and not particularly unbelievable, as he brings in theories on how the magnetic field would be skewed and act unreliably if one was attempting to use compasses or other devices at the center-most point.

    The prose is a bit dry and unengaging at points, but then, I read it in 6th grade, so maybe I was just a kid with little patience. Definitely worth a read. I haven't seen the Brenden Fraser version, but I did watch the '60s movie, and it was completely different than the book, and quite funny. Sometimes when it wasn't supposed to be.


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