Weekend Report

This past week is over, and I'm enjoying my weekend.

Last night Michelle and I went to Tillman's Roadhouse in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff. We made the trip out there, which was full of traffic, but made it to the cute, newly up-and-coming area. The Arts District has a ton of swanky restaurants and bars to puruse, with art galleries scattered throughout. Tillman's was 'cowboy chic' for sure, and the food matched. We ordered the lavender honey salmon with asparagus rice, and the seaweed grower with plantain-sweet potato puree. Yum! For dessert, we got the table side s'mores. It had a small flame coming from a cast iron jar, and was served with three flavors of marshmallows, chocolate bars and cinnamon graham crackers. The marshmallow flavors were maple, coffee and orange. What a fun dessert!

Then we went down 7th to Hattie's, and had a few fancy drinks. As I looked the menu over (for funsies), I noticed that their famous chicken and waffles dish wasn't listed. Shock! No late night munchie for me. Maybe they are taking a break from their classic? Either way, we were too full to eat anything!

Today is stay at home day, so we're doing very little. I love Saturdays like this. I'm thinking about dinner, too. Maybe spaghetti and three-meat meatballs? Or homemade chili with cheddar-dill cornbread? The goal is to use the Le Creuset. Some way.

Now, enough talk about food. It's time for a workout!

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