The True Story of Rally Monday

The beginning of this week has been one to remember. Yes, we potentially have an elected leader, and I've been assured once more that my views and hopes for this country will be taken into consideration in the White House.

We have two items to discuss.

One, is a veeeeery good thing.  The other is quite terrible.

First thing's first.

I'd heard about Handel's Ice Cream from locals just after the winter broke into spring this year.  People had it on the brain. They'd talk about how they wished there was a Handel's nearby, and they didn't have to travel to distant lands (West Mifflin or Ohio) to have a scoop of the supremely creamy treat.
Flavor choices.
I had it in the back of my mind as we travelled through eastern Ohio to the rally on Monday night. I'd had a light dinner, and informed Husband that we'd HAVE TO STOP if we drove by one. Funny, the GPS must have known because we drove right by the one in Youngstown.

Husband had the graham cracker flavor.
I've discovered my beloved Braum's match in the Northeast. Truly.
The graham cracker ice cream tasted of buttery graham crackers with crunchy chocolate bits mixed in. Delightful, really.
I stuck with my tried and true combination of chocolate and peanut butter, fantastically represented in the Buckeye ice cream with a touch of hot fudge added. 
Handel's Ice Cream is woorth whatever trek it takes to get you to the establishment. It's creamy, high quality, and cheap compared to other ice cream chains.  It quiets my heart longing for Braums, even if temporarily.
Handel's Homemade Ice Cream on Urbanspoon
 - - - 
Now, for the quite terrible thing. 

We walked into the airport hangar that evening for the rally, and maneuvered through airport-grade security. No big deal. We waded through the already accumulated crowd at a few minutes after 7pm, and found our spot in the center of the center. A Texas Country solo act was jamming, or unsuccessfully trying to {singing about Texas while in Ohio is not such a great idea}, energize the Ryan supporters. We looked around at our scenery: cheering young people, hanging state and national flags the size of a movie screen, steaming cups of apple cider and hot chocolate. I began to smile at those who were there to support their candidate, when the first speaker took the stage. Full of excitement and strong statements, the speaker began a series of other introductions of local candidates. As the second local candidate stepped up to the microphone, I felt my stomach lurch.

I weaved my way out of the crowd to the nearest trash can. No doubt about it - I had food poisoning. 
At a political rally.

I barely made it though the speeches, caught a glimpse of Paul Ryan's 15-minute talk, and lost my cookies in the parking lot. For the first time that night.  However, in no way do I want you to associate the tossing of cookies with Handel's, as I know for certain who the culprit was: greasy, 'grilled' chicken from a fast food salad I ate on the way into Ohio. Never again, people, never again.

I spent all of Tuesday, save for voting and attending a mandatory meeting at work, sitting beneath two furry heating pads, tapping away at my work emails.
I hope your Tuesday {and this morning} has been better than mine.  My stomach has somewhat settled, but I'm taking it easy.  Fast food can take a hike!


  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better super soon. I always feel that I am taking my life in my hands when I eat fast food, and this just confirms it. Now, that ice cream on the other hand...mmmmmmm!

  2. I'm feeling much better today. I think everything has worked its way out of my system {ew.}, but I've been eating lentil soup, crackers and veggie omelettes today.
    That ice cream was insane. Better than Amy's, and rivals Braums'.

  3. God, I love me some Braums. It tears my tummy up (I recently read an article detailing how lactose intolerance works...pretty grody), but it's soooooo delicious. And now that they're going to have my beloved seasonal peppermint, I may just have to make a special trip. :)

  4. Ugh. That's awful, I'm assuming you're feeling better now.
    Have you ever been to Jeni's Ice cream? It's also in Ohio, but you can buy pints at the local Whole Foods. I had Jeni's "cognac fig and goat cheese" ice cream, and nearly died of happiness.

  5. Yes, I'm feeling much better now - that stuff can wreck you for a while! I've heard of Jeni's but haven't had it yet. I'm an old-school ice cream lover typically, but I'm always open to trying new and interesting flavors. Only requirement - it HAS to be creamy.
    We could have this conversation for hours, I'm sure. :)


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