Ridiculous Rate

Since our apartment lease is up at the end of January, we just received a letter about renewal. We were set on renewing for another year, and were shocked at what we saw in the letter. Our rent has gone up DRASTICALLY to the point where we want to consider other options. I can't believe they expect us to pay SO much more than we are now...especially as a renewal! In the apartments I've lived in, if you renew you get a better rate. Apparently the Ansley doesn't get that. On Monday they will be getting a call from Ashley Oates letting them know they might lose our business if they continue with this rate! SERIOUSLY!

Good News: Michael starts his job on Monday, so we're both really excited. For those of you that don't know, Michael has decided to begin a career in Human Resources. He had some experience with Target in HR and loved it, and thus is starting a new era in his life. It's exciting!

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  1. That sucks, I can't believe your lease is almost up, didn't you guys like JUST move in like 3 months ago?!?! Crazy. Is Michael still working for Target though??


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