Whistle Stop

Last night I finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg, and I have to say, I am frustrated.

I grew up watching that movie, and I am disappointed to say that many of the details of the movie weren't in the book - which always makes me a little upset. Readers, you know that struggle! Anyway, the main detail that wasn't carried over to the movie was that Ruth and Idgie were in love with each other! That's a BIG detail! I got nothing of the sort from the relationship depicted on screen.

Also, the whole Peavey family was completely left out! They were about 1/3 of the book, and no mention was made of even their last name! Who could leave out a girl named Naughty Bird Peavey?!

A few other things that are frustrating:
  • Buddy wasn't in love with Ruth in the book.
  • Ninny dies in the book, and you're made to think she's Idgie in the movie! Bee Charmer!
  • Idgie and Eva Bates "comfort each other," and Eva "comforts" pretty much everyone else in the town - and you never hear about her in the movie!
  • The barbershop threat scene was a piece of evidence in the book, but wasn't featured in the movie.
  • Idgie and Julian are at a roadside stand selling honey and other natural items in the epilogue, but not in the movie because you're meant to think Ninny is Idgie.

I guess it just goes to show that in the time the movie was released in 1987, it wasn't appropriate to talk about same-sex relationships or to go deep into the notion of feminism. I just never knew! In my mind though, both stories were great, and I will always love that movie.

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  1. Somehow I got through a whole childhood living in the south with a mother who loves 80's romance movies, and I have never seen that movie! It's on my netflix, though!


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