Not Even 5 Months

After I bought it, my Jetta's battery died! Of course, it could be due to the owner running it down... Apparently there's a cooler/icebox in my console that you can turn on and off from the inside. I had my GPS charger cord plugged into the cooler outlet (which I didn't realize was turned on), for the whole weekend. So, this morning when I went to the parking garage to go to work, my car didn't start. Yay. Long story short (too late), it's at the dealership getting a new battery. Poor Jetta.

I'm going to get her back soon, probably on Michael's lunch hour. And who knew I had such a great husband!? He was so helpful and calming through the whole ordeal.

At the end of the day though, I will have a completely scratch-free, brand-new battery, clean and happy Jetta.

Only 3 weeks until Las Vegas! Would someone be able to watch Giada and Ina? Or at least make sure they have kibbles?

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