Rain & Scratches

I have enjoyed the rain from the past couple of days so much! It's been a nice way to usher in autumn. I'm thinking it won't be in the 90-degree range for the rest of the year.

Also, this weekend in the rain, I had a great time with a few of my favorite girls at The Porch and Old Monk. While out, I incurred a few scratches in my paint over one of my wheel wells. (Blame the rain?) I went to Boardwalk (my dealership I bought my car from) to get a quote on repairing the damage in case I was still covered in my warranty somehow, and it was pretty high. Does anyone know a body shop in town (Dallas, Richardson, Addison, Garland) that will do a great job without charging me an arm and a leg? Please comment if you do. I am going this morning to get a quote from a shop near my apartment (as in down the street).

I think I've written enough parenthetical sentences for today. Happy Wednesday!

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