Trying News from Unexpected Land

Sometimes it's more important to accept and show you love someone than to show them you think they're unwise and irresponsible. Choose which is more important.

It's more important to keep someone close than to push them away.

It's best to show someone they matter to you instead of the moral disagreement you have with their lifestyle.

Sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut and your heart open.

Especially when it's the ones you love the most.

Some say you hurt the people you love the most more often than anyone else in your life. This shouldn't be our nature.

We have to reach beyond our many differences and secure the bonds between us. It's the only way we can keep sane. It's hard to see the similarities when so much has changed over the years. Faded. Some similarities maybe have been eliminated.

We have to find common ground.

Then the complexities of life won't seem so oppressive, and our days will be brighter.

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