Starstruck - The Biggest Loser Style

Yesterday was a special day for me - I met someone famous! I don't know if you all know, but I am a big fan of the TV show the Biggest Loser. I've posted a few times about the surprising outcomes of each episode.

One of my favorite members of this past season was a woman who had a tragic story attached. In late 2006 she lost her husband, daughter and newborn son in a fatal car accident. She enrolled in the Biggest Loser to get her hope and happiness back.

It's Abby!

She did a great job on the Biggest Loser and lost a total of 148 pounds over the course of the show. She's amazing!

I recognized her at Half Price Books on Northwest Highway as she was checking out. She was sweet enough to take a picture of us with her Blackberry and send it to me! (I didn't have my phone on me.) She looks great, and I'm thrilled to have met her.

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  1. That's awesome! What an inspiration!

    LOVE the new blog heading! I love how everybody is re-decorating their blogs for the new year!


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