Awaiting My Fate

I'm at Boardwalk Volkswagen, waiting on Hetta to get out of the shop. I hope it isn't a million dollars!

The reason I'm here: Michael's car wouldn't start earlier this week, so we took it to a mechanic to get it checked out. Apparently, the battery we had it replaced with in January wasn't a good one. That's what we get when we have it replaced at Walmart while out of town. Boo. Moral of that story - never trust you car to Walmart, even when you're out of town! Find a small mechanic!

I'm thinking all I need is my brake pads to be replaced. Watch me leave here will a list of things replaced and a lighter bank account. Maybe some will be covered under warranty? ;)

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  1. All is well! CV boot replaced(covered by warranty) and brakes were replaced elsewhere. Done until January!


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