San Francisco Trip: Part 1

Since I took all of my photos on my new phone, it's taken me forever to sit down and download them all to my computer. But I finally did it! I won't bore you all with a million photos and descriptions, so I've only chosen a handful. If you want to know EVERYTHING we did, please ask!

We arrived in the Bay Area around noon, and spent the morning with Jamie in her {then} neighborhood, the Haight. We grabbed an amazing sandwich from a small gourmet cheese shop, Say Cheese, in Cole Valley. Then we changed and caught the bus to the Mission. Lovely area, and I like it just as much as the last time I was there! We grabbed a gelato from Bi-Rite and spent the afternoon in Dolores Park before meeting up with her boyfriend for dinner. Let's take a moment for a few photos.

On the way to our dinner spot, we window shopped and then stopped at Heart, a wine bar.

Love the windows. The weather was crisp and lovely as the sun went down.
Michael's dinner choice was Bar Tartine. I didn't take any photos of the food, but I should have! It was excellent. They serve bread from their bakery {which is a whole other story in itself}, which made the meal studded with deliciousness. I also had one of the best chicken liver pate {I can hear some of you groan}. It almost beats the CLP at the Mercury in Dallas. Almost.

Our first stop was the Ferry Building. This is a fantasic place to get a feel for SF area food.  So fresh, and always different.  Outside the building, tons of local farmers and food stands are set up. We had cheese, wine, fruit, jams and barbecue samples, before heading back inside. I snapped a quick photo of the Bay Bridge before looking at the culinary shops inside.

We dragged ourselves from the majesty of the Ferry Building and headed to Chinatown for Husband to take a look at one of the biggest tourist traps of all. No, I'm kidding. {Kinda.} It's a fun place to enjoy your first time in the city. We then headed up the street to North Beach, another one of SF's neighborhoods, to get a little Italian...everything. On our way I snapped this picture of Michael's favorite part of the SF skyline: the TransAmerica Building.

We stopped at a wine bar {to remain nameless} that was blasting the Giant's game far too loudly to hear regular conversation, so we left. Steps before the entrance, we heard and subsequently ducked into a bar that was featuring a jazz band. The band was made up of oldies, but goodies!

After we played a couple games of pool {!}, we went to a bar a few blocks away, the Church Key. It reminded me of a downtown bar in looks, but the Old Monk in Dallas in their fabulous beer choices. Very lovely for all parties involved. I had some beer I couldn't pronounce, and Husband oogled over the variety. Here is one of the 50+ photos from the Church Key:

Later, we had dinner at Cafe Sport. They specialize in fresh, Bay Area seafood within their delicious Italian fare. We had oysters, mussels, calamari, ravioli, tortellini, linguine, and more. We had a FEAST!

Stay tuned for part two!

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