Dallas Dining

Lately Michael and I have tried a few 'tried and true' Dallas restautants. I'm only going to share one review with you, readers, mainly because I am lazy. :)

On Saturday Michael and I decided to treat ourselves by going our to lunch. We chose to go to the original Campisi's on Mockingbird. For some reason, it's called the Egyptian House, or something similar, even though it has not a scratch of Egyptian food on the menu. That was lost on me.
We ordered the famous garlic bread, small dinner salads, a salami and mushroom pizza, and the combination pasta plate.
I'll make this short and sweet: It was mostly terrible. Everything seemed old, canned or not in the least bit fresh. The garlic bread was the only saving grace, with all of it's garlicly goodness.

Thoughts? Concurrences? Stories of your own?

Our waiter was very nice and unobtrusive. He received a good tip, but we'd rather not have paid for the food.

Suggestions on good italian food elsewhere? I am a fan of Villa-O, but I don't think it's a Saturday-for-lunch-type place.

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