Super Bowl Menu 2013

I don't know about you, but our game day was centered around the eating opportunities {just like last year}. Some of the things we served were health-oriented, and others I'm a bit ashamed of.  I'm sure we all feel the same, right? Right.
Our menu:
Knock-off Boneless Buffalo Wings, seasoned with Quaker, Steak & Lube's 'Louisiana Lickers' sauce;
Carrot and Celery Sticks with Husband's homemade Blue Cheese Dressing;

Husband's homemade Onion Rings {I do not and cannot fry};

Turkey and Spinach Wonton Lasagna
{adapted from Hungry Girl};
Mocha Cheesecakes {via Martha Stewart's Everyday Food: Light}

What was on your menu? Any wins? {ha.}


  1. Guh, I ate fried chicken from Chicken-E because there was nothing else to eat. I hate friend chicken. Oh, and like three cupcakes. The shame!

  2. Oh wow. No good.
    I tried to go healthy, but Husband had other plans. Those onion rings were the best I've ever had. He's an amazing baker and fryer. Lucky me? :)

  3. It's a blessing and a curse! I'm so glad that Corban doesn't make sweets, I would basically have to live on the treadmill.


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