Apartment Hopefuls

Midterms are safely over {grades still pending, eek}, but life is still extraordinarily busy.
Husband and I are actively looking for an apartment, and have applications in on a few properties.  Rentals are in high demand here in Pittsburgh, arguably, there are only so many neighborhoods worth renting in within the city.  I know we're being picky, but we've been burned once {full story to come once we've moved}.  If you put in an application chances are there is already one submitted ahead of you.  The property then has their pick of renters, and they may even bring you in for an interview.
Apartment Hunting

I was also able to meet with both of my mentors within the past month: a C-Suiter with decades of experience, and a second-year graduate student in my same program and concentration. These meetings brought to light several topics for thought (Master's thesis topic, seeking potential preceptors) and improvement opportunities.  I'm excited for March's potential in allowing me the time to explore these areas.

Today, I put some thoughts in writing on my other blog, Well Aware, regarding some health care happenings.  Feel free to read and comment, if you've got the time to listen to my questions.

Homemade black bean and chicken enchiladas with southwest salsa and brown rice.

Finally, I have been eating everything in sight, from Oakland to Shadyside to Lawrenceville, and let me tell you - it's all been good.  The plan's to have some PGH Dining posts up soon.

I hope your March is going well!


  1. It's never easy to search for available good quality rentals these days. So, I suggest you take your time. Rather than regretting your decision, I suggest you bide your time,use online apartment finders, ask for recommendation and check the daily newspapers just like I did when I hunted down my BYU housing.

  2. Great advice, Pepper. We have been looking for more than a month now, and since there are so few properties that come on the market in our select neighborhood, we have been watching like hawks. Keep your fingers crossed for us on these applications!

  3. Finding apartments last year was a bit tricky. Eventually, I had to stick with the same landlord, which is not ideal, but at least I knew exactly how awful it was going to be. We ended up finding an apartment for August 1 in early May. Which. Really. I should not have to look for apartments more than 3 months in advance. But whatever it takes.

    Also, avoid Mozart & Lobos if you aren't already doing so.

  4. Your story sounds similar to our story, as we were force to find something VERY early (looking in February for a July rental). We're lucky enough to not have to deal with our same landlords, but we've been waiting to find out about a certain apartment application for more than a week now. It's just nerve-racking!
    Thankfully, both Mozart and Lobos don't accept feline family, so we haven't had to interface with them. I've heard terrible things, though!


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