{Over The Weekend} Dancing at the Phipps

Well, I'd been feeling slightly icky this weekend, and Monday is here with a vengeance. I was beginning to get a sore throat over the last few days, and this morning it is here and trying to kill me.
But, at least I had a good weekend?

Friday evening, Husband and I made ourselves a Tex-Mex fiesta dinner: Taco shell-less taco salads with lot of crunchy items (celery, cucumber), homemade Spanish rice (wrong culture, I know), and a Dos Equis con lime.
We cleaned the whole house, top to bottom, for the house showings we're having. It's funny - Our property company will show our house right and left to potential new tenants, but won't give us the time of day on our move-out procedures  More on this later.
First, here's a cat in a box:
I swear, I took about 50 cat-in-box photos on Saturday. This is life, y'all.
Later that night, I attended the graduate school club's formal dance at the Phipps Conservatory. It had been more than 10 years since I'd been to a dance {other than weddings, which are different}. Look at my fantastic dates!
The location was lovely, food was sparse, and there was a little bit of dancing. We all had a lovely night, and I even managed a photo of the newly planted tulips in the center garden. 
Sunday was spent reading for school, having a lunch date with a friend, spending time with Husband, and cooking/baking for the week.
Lunch at Whole Foods
Today it's back to work, and hopefully kicking this icky feeling with cold meds and sugar-free cough drops. Cross your fingers I'm not getting sick!


  1. May I just say again how STUNNING you look in that dress!

  2. Thanks, lady. I do love a fabulous dress, especially when you get to wear it to many events. It's count is already up to two! :)


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