{Travel} Chicago: Architecture, Art and Steak

We're back!
Chicago was the beautiful, bustling city we remember from our third wedding anniversary {Read Part one, two, three & four}. We fell in love all over again...with Chicago. It's certainly on the 'short list' of places we'd like to end up.

Today I write this post on my day off {flex scheduling is great, y'all}, while the rain pours outside. Sipping on a hot chocolate, too.  However, even with those lovely things, I am still missing my time in Chicago.
We started our vacation the night before, by having dinner at The Porch at Schenley. We shared the fig, arugula and goat cheese pizza {along with calamari and a salad}. Wonderful as usual, especially sitting out on THE PORCH itself, looking out to the garden and carousel. You can read my previous review here and be sure to hone in on those crispy potatoes.
Day One
Husband and I decided to road trip out to Illinois, rather than dealing with the lameness that is Pittsburgh International Airport. It was a great decision, and we saw parts of Ohio and Indiana we'd never seen. We stopped in South Bend for lunch, and took a brief self-guided tour of Notre Dame.

Immediately when we got into Chicago after our 7-hour drive, we stopped at Target to get a few things before going to the hotel. Somehow we can't escape missing putting a crucial item in the luggage.  We were greeted in Target with a nice selection of spirits and wine, which was a breath of fresh air from Pittsburgh grocery stores.
We sailed down State with our loot, and took a few car photos of the buildings. You just can't ignore Chicago's architecture.

More photos of Chicago's architecture:

We checked into the hotel, had a few too many coffees, then headed out to dinner in River North. Rest assured, there will be a dining post coming soon. We headed out to O'Hare Airport and picked up Seestor and her BF. We had a disappointing drink and bites at Hub51, then headed to the hotel for the night.

 Day Two
We woke up to a drizzly, grey morning. If you live in Pittsburgh, you are used to these days, and they are near to my heart. Romantic, no doubt. Husband and I stepped out early {we were on East Coast time}, and window shopped for a bit on the Magnificent Mile. How could we not, when it's a quick walk from the hotel?
 We picked up the lovebirds and took the Metra to Wrigleyville for a Cubs game. Y'all, it was cold and extremely windy. Wrigley Field on the inside has a ring of covered seats, which in fact creates a wind tunnel in that area. I can appreciate that in the dead of summer, but this particular day was rainy and chilly. People were covering their knees with blankets while balancing their small umbrellas.
Afterwards, we warmed up with coffees {what's the coffee count at now?}, and headed back to the Loop. We headed over to the Chicago Cultural Center to check out the gorgeous building and local art inside.

Marveling at the tile mosaics, which covered the building's interior.
 The mosaics were out of control. 

Dome over the center of the building.

 We went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner - it was fancy steak dinner night! I'll do a dining post shortly, but here are a few photos of our time at the Chicago Cut.

 We came, we saw, we ate far too much meat. But, we'll discuss later.
 We followed that up by having a few cocktails at the Hyatt's new hotel bar, which was glittery and colorful.
 And dark, evidently. 
Jumbo drink for three.
My friend from University met up with us to chat about the past few years since we both graduated. It was wonderful to see her!
 - - - 

Once I've download the remaining photos from the nice camera I'll finish the rest of the posts. 
Viva Chicago!


  1. Great pictures & info ; A wonderful coincidence , that allowed you to enjoy sister time (
    & see college friend ) with your special guys & in one of your favorite cities . ~ ~
    can't wait for next post !

  2. I want a steak dinner double date!

  3. Agreed! We didn't necessarily have the time or funds to take a vacation, so this was a nice way to see them {And possibly take another short weekend trip for our anniversary.}
    I'll write as soon as I can about our other days.


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