{Over the Weekend} Solo Days and Cycling

This weekend has been one of much-needed R&R. Friday was spent alone, as Husband had to work. In my mind, it's pseudo-pointless to have a day off {even if it's a day off due to a compressed workweek} when you can't spend it with the ones you love.
But hey, I got my haircut, read more of The Lacuna, and did the laundry - I s'pose that's a win.
Haircutting appointment with Michelle and Barack.
Treats for solo-laundry-doing.
Continued reading.
Saturday {and Sunday, to this point} was spent with my love, taking a bike/jog, side-by-side on the Three Rivers Heritage trail through The Strip and down into Point State Park. Such a lovely view, with rivers to your sides and bridges overhead.
I'm so glad we made the jump and purchased my bike after so long of vacillating about the cost versus the benefits.  Already, I'm feeling the positive effects of cycling.
Trees in Point State Park.

The midway rest in the park.
Springtime bike flair.
For dinner, Husband recreated part of a lunch we ate at Cafe Sabarsky within the Neue Gallery in NYC last year.  Lightly dressed, thinly-sliced romaine {originally frisee}, lardons, and a poached egg topping the whole plate. He's too good to me.
Early next week will be a whirlwind. Lots of deadlines at work, and preparing for traveling to Chitown.   In the meantime, I'll finish off the weekend of R&R with making a stewed chicken curry and possibly exerting enough energy to do some rainy-day yoga. 
Adios, wonderful readers!


  1. Mmmm, love a good salad with a runny egg on top!

  2. What, no french fries?!!!!

    ahahahahahahahahaha ;)

  3. Not this time!
    I actually don't care for the salads with the fries...I realize this is sacrilidge.


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