{Home} Houseplants = Happiness

Whoa. So, where did July come from? Time certainly can slip away when you're busy making life happen!

Big news. We've finally moved. Finally. It felt like such a long time coming {we had to give notice to our property managers in late February!}, and we're beginning to get settled in our new apartment in Shadyside. It's quite a different feel from UpLa, that's for sure. We've walked to a few dinners, caught a sale on Walnut Street, and have watched the sunset from our 7th floor view. I'm in love.

Once we have everything out of boxes and somewhat in order, I'll take you on a tour of the new place. For now, let's talk about my new favorite part of the apartment.
The addition of these beauties: houseplants.
My apologies for the iPhone photos. Who knows where the real camera is? In a box? Down by the river?
I'm sure you've heard how good houseplants are for your indoor air quality, but if you haven't: Nerdy Version. Non-Nerdy Version with HuffPost.
This is the crown jewel of the plants, a yellow-spotted leafy thing. It requires a bit of light, so we'll see how this one fares. I do not have the greenest thumb.

In the cool, darkened bedroom I placed a low-light plant. This one is safely out of the cats' reach. 
For the other side of the living room, I have a Mother-In-Law's Tongue {Or, so it's called}, which requires 6+ hours of sunlight a day. It's in the picture window, so it should make it.
Complete with Mr. Gnome.
In the tall, skinny window in the kitchen, I have a bright little Hen and Chicks. It's such a pop of happiness for the room. 

What do you place in your home for oomph? What home decor brings you happiness?


  1. I'm not sure I know where UpLa is? Upper Lawrenceville?
    Shadyside is nice, lots and lots of bars. Occasionally, cmu has grad student happy hours there. And almost all my friends live in that neighborhood (or Larryville or Friendship). Northerners, bah! ;)

  2. Yes, UpLa is a fabricated term I coined {?} when we first moved up here, stemming from jealousy of LoLa. Upper Lawrenceville is correct. :)

  3. The yellow spotted leafy thing is so pretty! Want something like that for our place. I seem to be on a plant killing spree, but I've managed to keep a couple things alive, so we'll see.

  4. It's got a few dents in it now, but it's still alive. I've caught a one Ina Oates sitting in it, so I believe it's days are numbered.

  5. Kitties are the reason we cannot have nice things!


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