Upcoming {PGH} Summer Events!

We're inching closer to our official move date, but I wanted to take a few minutes to post an update amid the boxes. We've sold so many of our moving sale items {even some I didn't get the chance to list}. Honestly, it's still a little unreal. We've been in Lawrenceville for more than a year and a half now. It'll be fun getting to know our new neighborhood. 

On top of that, there are so many great things going on this summer in Pittsburgh, so I thought I'd do a round up of a few of my favorites. 

We've been a couple of times to the farmer's market off Butler in the Goodwill parking lot. It's super convenient, and always full of the prettiest vegetables. New folks and sometimes food trucks make appearances each week. {Saturdays from 12pm -4pm, now through October.}

Bach, Beethoven, and Brunch Classical Music Series
Each Sunday this summer {June through August 11} a musical group performs classical music while you munch on a picnic bunch or Bagel Factory deliciousness. Since is in our new 'hood {Mellon Park}, we will undoubtedly make at least one!

For real. You go and get tarred and feathered. And,  sip Wigle Whiskey drinks! Yum.

On July 18 the PSO will be joined by a full rock band to play the tunes of Led Zeppelin. I'm in the process of convincing Husband to go with me. {$25 for gallery, $50 for orchestra, family and dress circles.} Hints have been dropped.

If you missed Wine Time at The Colony today, mark your calendar for the next one on September 7.

The city is hosting a movie night in the parks of Pittsburgh again this summer, and I know I'll be heading out with a blanket and some popcorn to see a few of these classics. 

Summer Flower Show: Glass in the Gardens at the Phipps Conservatory
The Phipps always has a gorgeous showing of flowers any time of year, but these seem extra colorful. Husband is set on seeing the Phipps in the dead of winter, on a cold, snowy day, but perhaps I can convince him the heat of summer is a perfect time, too. 

Spending Time at the Drive Ins
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I don't know if you saw this article by I Heart PGH, but I'm all for keeping the iconic drive ins of Pittsburgh alive. We're lucky we have so many to choose from!

What are you planning on doing this summer? After we get this move finished {countdown: 5 days!}, we'll be taking advantage of these affordable and fun events. See y'all there? 


  1. Cinema in the Park is top on my list of summer things to do in the 'burgh!


  2. I definitely looking forward to it! We really enjoy being in the PGH parks.

  3. I'm definitely looking forward to catching one. Too bad we missed seeing Hook!
    Picnics and dessert dates in PGH's parks are wonderful!


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