Wreck 'Em Wreath

Get ready. I'm about to show my roots. 

I got my undergrad degree from Texas Tech University, which is located in far West Texas - the Dust Bowl, if you will. There aren't many trees, and the dirt swirls like small tornadoes, called dirt devils. Still, I loved every minute of my four years there.

So much so that I convinced myself I needed a hand-crafted wreath for my door during this football season. I think it's already bringing us luck...

My inspiration for the Wreck 'Em wreath came from Pinterest. I've pinned a few of my favorites on my Dust pin board.
I should have taken a video of this fool hula-hooping this wreath base.
Sunday afternoon we visited our local Michael's, and generally made a ruckus looking for the perfect color of scarlet. Not Christmas red, crimson or bright, true red. Scarlet.

We made a haul. 
To make a collegiate wreath, you need a wreath base {I chose Styrofoam for the structural soundness, but grapevine works, too}, ribbon, wooden letters, decoration/ornaments and a glue gun + glue sticks.
Line your table with newspaper - it saves on cleanup time!
It takes about 5 1/2 yards of wide ribbon to wrap the entire wreath base. We glued a few ribbons together horizontally to make a decent support for the wooden letters in the middle. Take a look at the finished product:
Everything is attached by a glue gun except for the small football ornaments, which are attached via ribbon.
I didn't know I was so crafty!
What have you made to show your school spirit?

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