Weddings Everywhere!

My Graduation is in one week! How exciting! I can't wait!

Today I went to Jasie Sharp's bridal shower and it was a lot of fun. I was late and I got lost in Midland, but I made it. It was at her house and hosted by her mother and bridesmaids. It was so adorable. We all sat around and had cake and shared recipies. I think I'm going to steal her recipie card idea in the invitation. I love cooking and I would love to have every family's favorite dish. It's almost a crime! haha.

Anywho, needless to say, I got a bunch of ideas from today's events. I have food ideas, favor ideas and cake ideas. Who knew Sam's had a decent cake? My sister is now working on the Bridal shower for me, so hopefully things will get done. I am excited she's helping because now this gives her something to take pride in helping me with. I think I'm going to ask for it to be moved to Michael's house instead of at the First Baptist Church in Sherman. It will be a more home-y place and it will be easier for out-of-towners to find. Only a week left here and I can get started on the rest of the planning.

This summer there are a TON of weddings! I know two girls personally that are getting married (Jasie in Midland, and Nydia in El Paso). I know of at least 5 other couples that are getting married. My gosh! At least I didn't add to that and we're getting married in the "Fall." If you can call September the fall! :)

126 days until my wedding!

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