Parents Coming Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night my parents will be here - the third time in the past 4 years. Kinda sad, huh? I am going to spend a lot of tomorrow morning packing my things and getting ready for their arrival. Michelle & Corban, and Halley & Amanda will all be here as well, but not at the same time.

I cannot WAIT until the Sex and the City movie comes out. It's going to be an awesome movie. I believe it comes to theatres in a week or so. I most certinaly have a countdown on my MySpace page, if you care to look at it. Anywho, I read an article today in the New Yorker that interviwed Sarah Jessica Parker, and it was a good reminder that SJP and Carrie Bradshaw aren't the same person. I keep forgetting that just because I see her in a photo or a movie that she's still just SJP and not her iconic character. It must be hard for not only her but the rest of the cast.
Anywho, the article also talked about how the "old New York" is now lost because of the people responding to the Sex and the City tv show, and other movies and tv shows filmed in or about that area. Because of this, I am slightly sad because I am going to New York on my honeymoon. I hope to see something of this old New York and possibly even see some Celebrities! haha. I'm just like the rest of them, huh? I would never want to live in NYC, and I think those thoughts will be solidified once I get back from the honeymoon. (Sources: http://nymag.com/movies/profiles/46660/)

Tonight I am relaxing with my sweetheart, seeing as how this will be the last time I get to do that until we get married in September. Sigh. This is how small-town America works, I s'pose.

One day until Graduation! Here's to the Seniors!

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