Confessions of a Studio Movie Grill

Last night Michael's class was cancelled, for the second time in a row, and we decided to go on a date. FUN. We wanted to do dinner and a movie, so opted for the Studio Movie Grill across the highway from us.

Since nothing better was playing, we went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. Two good things: Isla Fischer was great, and she's always good at comic roles. There were a few comical parts of the movie that weren's so comical, mainly because she was trying too hard. There were a few other scenes (the dance with the fan piece) that were hilarious. Second good thing, it gave a few glimpese in the life of addiction in a way that people without addiciton can understand. I.e. "When I shop it makes my world better...then it's not. So I have to do it again."

And there ends the good. The rest of the movie was a big disappointment. I could have seen that coming, though.

As for the Grill itself, that was also a disappointment. I had heard nothing but good things about the atmosphere, drinks and food - none of which was true in my book. The food was all deep-fried or dripping with oil (even salads), and I never got my drink I ordered (even after telling two of the waitstaff). They had good cookies, though. So, if you want a terrible movie, bad food and good cookies, try it out.

Friday will be MUCH better. I'm going with Michelle to Woodlands, one of my favorite places in Dallas for dinner. Look it up: www.woodlands-grill.com

I'm off to finish this contract book for work. Full speed soon!


  1. sucks on that. I've always had good service and only had the pizza which is supposed to be dripping with oil and whatnot. ah well, there are other theaters.

  2. Thanks for informing me! I was thinking about going there sometime for some big date but now I'm rethinking!
    -Cousin Emily


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