I just finished a defensive driving course that has been taking up most of my free time - I apologize for not updating until now!

Recently, I got a new car. I think I wrote about it at some point, or had one of those 4-7 word posts that drive many people crazy. I will hopefully post pictures, of course after I find the camera.

Valentine's Day was yesterday, and I must debrief. Friday night, Michael and I went to Craft (http://www.craftdallas.com/) and ate a wonderful dinner. We shared the lemon and arugula salad for an appetizer, then family-styled (a hallmark of this restaurant) our entrees of quail and golden raisins and diver scallops. We also had one of our several waiters pick red wines for us, and we both ended up with pinot noir. Yum. For our side dishes we got spiced fingerling potatoes and creamy gnocchi. We chose a flight of their twelve ice creams and sorbets for dessert. Banana and mexican vanilla were a go, but rum raisin was not. haha. Very excellent dinner overall, and I would love to go back.

Saturday we had a geek fest. We watched the Lord of the Rings movies and I made Southwestern migas. I also made granola - it's surprisingly easy!

Today, as you know, I have been doing defensive driving. I'm so glad i'm done. I'm off to make dinner and relax with my husband! Happy Sunday!

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  1. I want to try Craft so bad! We went to Abacus for our Valentines dinner and it was great (except I found out that I HATE lamb!), but we've been there before, so for the next big dinner we're definitely doing Craft.


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