End of February

We indeed got our two new chairs & long, skinny table last weekend (Sunday), thanks to my dad. One is a 1940's side chair, and the other is a 1960's club chair. Michael, of course, looked these things up on the internet. I, on the other hand, was happy to just call them chairs and be thrilled with my new seating. We plan on getting them reupholstered, in order for them to match our decor. I'm in the process of finding a good reupholsterer, so if you know anyone good, please let me know!

When I bought my car, there were a few things I wanted to be done maintence-wise. Long story short - I have made several appointments to have these things done, and everytime something goes wrong. I have my final appointment, I hope, scheduled for this Wednesday. That day happens to be a very important day at work, so I am really hoping that all goes well.

It's weird weather time again in Texas. What's new? Next week should be really nice though - all in the mid-70 and I think 80 on Friday. Yay!

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