Bennington Potters

So, every week, I'm going to try and feature something interesting/ fascinating /cute / incredible I've found concerning New England. I know, I'm obsessed. At least I'm admitting it, right?

This week's feature: Bennington Potters (http://www.benningtonpotters.com/)

They're stoneware pottery makers that have been practicing their craft since 1948. If you browse around their items for sale, you either love it or hate it. I love their style, and I think it's amazing that people from all over the U.S. and elsewhere have been supporting them for close to 60 years. Their Web site is so put together - almost like a big retailer's site. Anyway, I have this piece on the way to my apartment in Texas:

Aren't they amazing? This community in Vermont busts all of these pottery masterpieces out daily. I love their green and blue patterns - they'd go perfect in my kitchen. Thoughts?

P.S. - Change is definitely tardy.

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  1. Those dishes just look like warm comfort food on a rainy day. Too cool.


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