WordXWord Festival

In Pittsfield, MA, one of the towns we frequented while in the Berkshires, a WORD festival is held every year - yes, that's what I said, a WORD festival. They feature plays, readings, original work, concerts, etc. Their tag line is "Written. Spoken. Sung." How amazing! And how hardcore - the event lasts for a week! I would love to go sometime. Then, we could stop at one of the 50 brunch cafes on North Street, and then buy books all day. Sound good? http://wordxwordfestival.com/

On another note, I have finished planning our 1 Year Anniversary vacation. (With heavy input from the Husband, of course.) We are going to the Ouachita National Park to camp, grill and hike, and then we are going to Hot Springs, AR for a little R&R! I can't wait! We've both been to the area before, but not since we were little kids. I am really excited, mainly because we both love camping and haven't gotten to go in a while. Also, my grandparents recently (as in last week) gave us a huge box of camping supplies. My dad is letting us borrow his lantern, which is similar to the one pictured above. It's a bit older (I not sure by how many years), but it still works very well. We now are more than ready for a great camp-out.
Any suggestions while we are in that area of AR?

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