Asian Fusion Night

Last night a few friends of mine and I went out to Wawa Asian Fusion, which is near my apartment. I've been there a couple times, and it has always been good. Their rolls are made with the best rice! We discovered their spicy shortrib dish is really good. Then, for dessert we hopped over to Asian Mint. I usually go to Mint for the same things (Pad Thai, noodles, sushi, etc.) as Wawa, but dessert is a must.

Here's a look at our desserts:

My Green Tea Cake, which is their specialty.

John got the Coconut Ice Cream and Green Sticky Rice. The ice cream was excellent!

Sarah got the Coconut Custard with Green Sticky Rice. Very good, too!

I love that Mint uses green on every one of their plates, and it's usually a leaf or two of mint. Gorgeous!

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