Party, Drink, Karaoke, AIM

Last night (Yes, a Sunday night) was the HPB company holiday/christmas party at Ozona Bar and Grill on Greenville (http://www.ozonagrill.com/), and it was a blast. There was your selection of free food, drinks and karaoke. I sampled some of Michael's dinner plate, and their grilled steak and chicken kabobs were moist and tasty. The queso was very pepper-intense and flavorful. A great queso in my book!

I must say, I also had a lovely new drink (new to me) of sweet tea vodka (http://www.fireflyvodka.com/) and lemonade. I never thought that combination would be so light and refreshing. (I'm NOT a vodka fan.)

Also, I got to hang out with friends from work without having to talk about work! Yay! We ended the night by performing Journey's Don't Stop Believin' for the crowd. It was awesome!

One last thing - I decided to get AIM again. For those of you that don't know what that is (or are trying to forget), it's the instant messenger created by America Online. One of my friends asked if I would use it to message them instead of texting (Sigh. oh alright...), so I reinstalled it. (Side note: WHO DOESN'T TEXT?!) Long story short, if any of you use AIM, I'd love to add you to my pitiful three-person list. :)

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  1. that drink sounds awesome. also I still use AIM from time to time. I'm always logged in at least...


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