First Quarter...Done!

A quarter of 2011 is already over! It's amazing how time passes so quickly.

I'm still looking/saving for a bike, and I'll probably be making a purchase next month. I've been looking at hybrid and road bikes, but mostly at brands and features. I'll have something to report soon, I hope.

On the agenda today was finding a suitable replacement food for my cats. We've been going through a change with their digestion, and it seems that every food we choose for them either won't stay down, or isn't appetizing to them. PetSmart has a great return policy on pet food, thankfully; you can return the opened, half-eaten food if your pet doesn't agree with it. So, after trying 4 types of food, we're on try number 5: Blue Buffalo. (http://bluebuffalo.com/healthy-cat-food) It was a bit pricey, so we're hoping it lasts for a bit. For some reason the 'Life Source Bits' grabbed me. The actual food has a different, more compact shape. It just looks better. What food do you feed your cats? (Sorry, dog owners!)

The rest of the day will be devoted to grocery shopping, working out and a smidge of spring cleaning. Happy April!

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  1. Friskey's Seafood Sensations! Mostly because it's cheap and because it was what they were eating when they were weaned. So sorry your babies are having a hard time, hopefully the newest try will be successful!


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