Rainboots & Making Lists

Good morning, Thunderstorm!

I'm sure I looked like an idiot, but I donned my rainboots (from about 2-3 years ago) this morning for my walk from the parking lot to the office building. I tucked my black suit trousers into the black-and-white houndsooth Merona rainboots, and away I went. I had the last laugh because the bottom of my pants were dry!

As I'm sipping my green tea and writing my weekly 'To Do' list, I'm thinking about how very much I love making lists. And even further, crossing things off that list. I even list that in my small biography section of this blog. It's that serious. With that being said, I think I need to make a list of goals for April.

1. Blog More (At least 6 times before the month is through.)
2. Call my Sister & Mom (I need to check up on them more often.)
3. Go to the gym or spin class every week. (Both.)
4. Return Andrea's message on Facebook.
5. Utilize my pantry for this month's dinners. (So many rices, quinoas and lentils!)

I think I'll stop there. Considering I have a huge list here at work, I need to get started! More posts to come.

P.S. - I believe the new cat food is a go!

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