Birthday Twins

I take pride in my Birthday Twins.
In the same breath as my 'thank you,' I usually tell people {whom I haven't already told} who my BTs are as soon as they finish wishing me a happy birthday.
They're that awesome.
A few of my favorite, inspiring, incredible people born on January 8 are:
Via shopposhboutique.com
Via list.co.uk
Via tekstovi-pesama.com
These are {were} all very creative people, with 'the sky's the limit' type attitudes. Perfect inspiration for this girl.
Who are your Birthday Twins?

 - - - 

My birthday was a quiet one this year, with a few cards and presents coming via mail from loved ones. I had to attend my first class of the semester {a finance course} last night, so Husband and I didn't plan anything.  Luckily, class ended very early, so we were able to catch dinner at one of my selected options for my birthday dinner. We came home to a gift from Husband: a glass of red wine and a box of Sarris chocolate cremes. Perfect.


  1. Happy birthday! My favorite BD twin is Michelle Obama...I really lucked out on that one!

  2. I've always been jealous of you and Momma Obama. ;)


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