{Life Lately} Chilly

January has gone by so quickly.
The cold has gotten here, and I had my New In Town moment yesterday morning. We all knew it'd happen.
Husband typically drops me off at the door of my building in an enclosed overhang most mornings, and I swiftly leave the car door and one second later lay my hand on the building's door. Yesterday, this particular door was locked for some reason.  I shrugged at Husband through the car windshield, then walked around the corner to the other entrance, sliding glass doors. As I turned the corner, a blast of icy, sharp wind hit my whole body, and I let out a cry.
How can it be this cold!?
That morning it was 7 degrees.
I foresee a lot of this in the near future:
Packed snow on a trail.
I'm constantly using my {potentially illegal} space heater under my desk at work.  It has a remote, okay?  I'm legit.
Hash-tag SouthernerProblems?  I think so.


  1. Oooo a first timer in 7 degree weather is harsh....hang on spring is almost here.

  2. 'Probably a Californian problem, too. They usually have to buy their first real winter coat before coming to Pittsburgh.

  3. What's sad, Iris, is that I bought a coat especially for winters here right before moving to Pittsburgh. Two months later, well into winter, I went and bought a more heavy-duty version!
    The shame!

  4. That's pretty funny! On my 'Grad Student Guide to Moving to Pittsburgh' I state that most of us have a fall coat and a winter coat. (1) Something wool you can wear layers underneath to extend the wearing period on and (2) something you can wear in the snow (and/or skiing). Those are pretty much necessary, hahahhaa


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