Beginning of June

Here we are, the second week in June, and I still don't have a job. I have had some call backs and such, but no offers yet. Hopefully this means there will be the perfect opportunity that pays WAY better than any other job I've been looking at that will appear soon. Or, maybe I will just get an offer. :) I am hoping for a job in McKinney, Allen or Plano so I can be close to Michael's Target he will be an in-store executive for. That way we can do lunch. :)

So, the Robert's house is a check. I just signed the contract today, and we will be having the wedding shower there on August 2nd. I am very excited because I was wanting to do something elegant and classic. Hopefully everyone will love it as much as I do!

I just got my first APO lyris email of the summer, and it made me a tinge sad. Not that i'm sad I won't get to participate in NSO tables, haha, but that I wasn't a part of planning them. :( Oh well, I knew this would happen, I'spose.

I can't wait to send out invitation for the bridal shower! They are SO beautiful! I've started to work on my Wedding Book, and Michael has been a laminating fool! It will last forever! Anywho, everyone will get to see it at the shower, I'm sure.

This Wednesday I will be going with my Dad to reserve all the linens and stemware for the reception. How fun!

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