Happy Tuesday!

Today my mom and I went to Barb's Tailor Shop in Sherman, which is downtown and north of the Courthouse, and had my dress fitted for alterations. I am having the dress taken in on the side seams and also the lace overlay taken up a half inch. When I tried it on, the dress was still too big, mainly because I ordered it 2 sizes larger than regular, but she said she was going to take it in 3 sizes! That means I've lost a dress size since May! How crazy is that? I knew I had lost some weight because of the scale numbers, but I guess I've been building muscle too. Anywho, I will be picking my finished dress up on August 4th. I hope it will be perfect.

Tomorrow I am going with my dad to the optometrist. I am planning on getting a new set of contacts, and I am hoping to get some new glasses. I've had these glasses for about 6 years or so, and I believe I am due for some more. I think I'm going again with angular frames, and a dark color.

I am almost done with the final Harry Potter book! I can't stand it! It's slightly sad though - as soon as I read those last pages the adventures of HP will be over for me. I rarely read a book twice, mainly because it's not new and exciting for me. That's what has kept me reading the HP series: the action. Oh well, all good things come to an end.

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