Family Dinner at the Oates Apartment!

The hostess in me has emerged again. I'm hosting a family dinner at my apartment in early August. I'm excited! With the chairs finally finished, and summer still in full swing, I think it will be a good time. I invited everyone on my side of the family (Michael's side will come later - I've got to cool down between families!). I'm enviting our Austinites too, so it will be a complete family affair!

Any suggestions for food choices? I'm looking at serving two appetizers, two sides, a main dish, and a dessert. I'm thinking chicken for the main dish, and something really rich for dessert. I'd love suggestions!


  1. Make Tres Leches! It's my favorite desert!

    Have fun at your party! I wish I could host one as well. Not quite as fun in a cramped college apartment. Haha

  2. Leaving that comment has inspired me to make tres leches myself. Haha. Tim and I are having Mexican night, with veggie tamales, mexican salad (whatever that is, haha) and TRES LECHES!

    Can you tell that's my favorite dessert?


Thanks for your comment; I'm all ears!