Photos of Chairs - and Chicken Pot Pie!

So, after much waiting, and prodding my my readers & friends, I am posting! I have a two-part news to share. One piece I will share tonight, even though the visual results are not top-notch, and the other half I will share soon.
The chairs are finally back! The two antique chairs my grandparents gave us have been reupholstered, and I think they look phenomenal. It's a heartfelt and special thing to get to revitalize these pieces, and give them a new home. Take a look:

The first is a button/barrel back chair we chose to cover in a light blue and damask fabric. It's a bold choice for what is, in my opinion, a bold chair. The second is the smaller and more dramatically shaped chair that we chose to cover in a springish green and golden dragonfly patterned fabric. I think they both look tons better than before. Thoughts?
After reading an enticing post from one of the best artists on the planet, I chose to make individual chicken pot pies for Michael and my dinner this evening. Yum! I finally got to use my special chefy crocks that I bought a year ago.
On a personal note: Thank you all for being so in-tune with my life and wanting to know my news. It feels great to know I have several people that care about what's happening with me. Thank you!
P.S. - No, I'm not having a baby.

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  1. Wow, those chairs look absolutely awesome! Did you guys so those yourselves?


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