Passed Away

Yesterday was a very sad day. A high school friend of mine, Charis Wacker, told me Bill Estes had passed away Friday. This is his obituary.

Now for mine.

Bill Estes passed away on Friday, March 26. Bill was a caring, funny, and genuine person, who loved to teach whether it be in the classroom or not.

He and his wife owned the Book Rack, where I held my first job - a book seller/stocker/reader. I held that job for more than 6 years. I am thankful for him for not only helping my buy my first car with my wages, but for teaching me about those pesky life lessons.

Among many other gifts, much-needed advice, and never-ending encouragement, Bill and his wife, Kay, threw me a graduation party at Kelly Square when I graduated from Sherman High School. That might mean something to people who live in Sherman. It was fabulous.

Bill was great. He was an amazing boss, and an even better friend. I, of course, will miss him.

I'm going to his funeral on Tuesday at 3pm. If anyone from the Dallas area would like to go, I would be happy to take them.

(http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/heralddemocrat/obituary.aspx?n=bill-estes&pid=141254268 )

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