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Okay, so I'm guessing my hair doesn't look too hot considering the lack of comments here and on Facebook. I get it. Thanks, guys. I'll just throw it in a ponytail (ponyhair?) until it grows out a little more. Or, better yet, all of you guys can shove it! I kinda like it now, so I'm going to wear it with pride. So ha, take that.

On another note, the new Whole Foods at Park Lane is amazing. Lest I get myself into trouble, I should leave it at that. But I can't. Their layout is different from other Whole Foods I've been to, but don't worry, Foodies, everything is still there. And more. The geniuses that are management decided to incorporate a wine bar, barbecue stand, and a large bulk section into this store.
You can buy olive oils and vinegars by weight now. Oh God. Where is my paycheck going? Oh, and what is that I hear? Live music outside? Perfect. Only a block away from one of my employers, I'm fiending to go there for lunch pretty much every day. The SALADS! The ciabatta rolls! The vegan delights! Just the produce is making me drool. Go and see for yourself.

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