Monday, March 15th

Yes, I got my hair cut.
No, I don't really like it.
Thus, there will be no pictures until it grows out a bit.
I will likely remain a hermit as well. Like I have the time to do otherwise...

Yesterday was Michael's Uncle's wedding in Sherman, as well as celebrating my Mom's birthday. The wedding was a small, nice gathering at my mother-in-law's house. The weather was perfect. Martie made 2 hams, a brisket, potato salad and baked beans (very picnicy.) She also made both the Groom's cake and the Bride's (6-layer) cake. Each layer was a different cake. Beautiful. Anyway, about 35 people were there, and it was a very nice wedding. Low key.

Later we went to my mom's to visit and so I could make Parmesan mashed potatoes and a caramelized onion loaf before heading over to Granny's house. Granny made my mom Chicken Spaghetti (I'm sure your family has a version of this as well) and a cinnamon-spice-iced cake. Very yummy. The quote from the evening, stated by my Husband: "Anything for dessert that comes in a casserole dish can't be bad." He was right for once.

Tomorrow I am finally going to see the optometrist. I tried ordering contacts, and that was a complete waste of time. Just go to the doctor, and save all the extra time! Let's hope my vision hasn't gotten worse. :) I'm SO ready to be wearing contacts again. It's been weeks!

We (meaning my Mom, Dad, Granny, Michael and myself) are going to Austin the first week in April to see Jamie and Qas. We're in the planning stages, but I'd still love suggestions (food, activity, etc.). Send away!

Remember to pack your umbrellas for tomorrow! It's going to rain most of the morning, from what I hear.

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  1. Stubb's, Hut's and Maudie's as far as food is concerned.


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